*In the article may use some terms / slang words, hope people do not feel uncomfortable when reading. The article is set in the context that both marketers and designers are experts in their fields and there is no difference in qualifications and professional skills.

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“Beautiful – Expensive” , with just those 4 short words, it is enough to prove the synergistic relationship between Marketing and Design in the modern marketing world. However, the disagreement between Marketer and Designer is commonplace. Which way for the combination of the two?

Every day, people still hear about the rivalry between Marketer and Designer. Therefore, many people think that Marketing and Design are two separate fields. In fact, Design is a subset of Marketing.

In an advertising campaign, if the Marketer is in charge of the content, the Designer is the person who concretizes the content into graphic products to give customers an easy to understand and unique view of the product. . However, the views and thinking of Marketers and Designers are different. And to untie the knot for this “war”, brand designers need to understand basic marketing knowledge. On the contrary, marketers must know brand design thinking. Before the explosion of Digital marketing today, Designer and Marketer need to work closely together. The more the designer and the marketer harmonize with each other, the more successful the communication campaign will be.

The noticeable characteristic of designers is their high ego and strong personality. However, the Designer is also the most hardworking person in the world. When receiving feedback, even if there is a quarrel, after all, the Designer is still the one who works hard to correct the design from time to time. Therefore, the new Designer’s design files appear as final 0 ; final 1, final n…

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To work effectively with Marketers, the only thing Designer needs to do is calmly receive and get information.

In this day and age, a professional marketer cannot fail to know design. If you have knowledge of brand design, Marketers will understand why Designers use these layouts, colors and fonts… Marketers themselves can create unique design publications themselves. On the contrary, without knowledge of Design, Marketers will be slow.

Design is considered a creative profession. People with good taste will have an edge in this creative industry. However, artistic appreciation and graphic expression skills are two completely different aspects. Gifted, Designer will feel the beauty faster, but to do the job, “hundreds or not by hand”. Just love beauty, live for beauty, then Designer will be more sensitive in expressing beauty through design publications.

In addition, the “sensitivity” in the design profession is also accumulated through the process of working with clients. Adapting to receiving continuous feedback, Designer will have an accurate sense of each customer segment. Therefore, harmonizing with Marketers is also a way for Designers to better understand the customer base.

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Designers lacking ideas are like singers with a cold

Everyone in any profession is concerned with a lack of ideas. Especially, for people working in the creative industry like Designers and Marketers, the lack of ideas is like a singer going to sing but having a cold. However, when you understand the essence of where ideas are born, you never have to fear the lack of ideas.

“If you do what you love, you don’t have to work a day”
 , the most important thing in a person is are you really passionate about that profession? If you love your job and are passionate about it, you will never be short of ideas. How to never run out of ideas for those working in the creative industry with the 5-step creativity principle:

– Read the topic carefully. Read to understand correctly and win the question
– Synthesize all the data related to the topic
– Thoroughly analyze all the collected data. At this stage, you have to ponder for so long that you think you can’t think of anything, then stop.
– Rest, relax
– Generate new ideas

Designer needs his own “weird”. However, “If it’s too weird, you won’t be able to do a design job”.

Designer needs his own “weird”. However, “If it’s too weird, you won’t be able to do a design job”. If painters paint to express their ego, express their own philosophy, which viewers may or may not understand, Designers need to create design publications for customers to understand and receive. In other words, design is a service profession. Therefore, Designers need to listen and selectively accept customer opinions.

Marketing and Design seem to be two separate fields, but there are intimate points of intersection. When marketing and design work together, it can create a breakthrough in communication activities. So that. Marketing and Design always belong together.

Marketers are often strict because they are the main responsible for the entire campaign, so they want to make sure everything goes their way.

But precisely because the marketer is in charge, the more they need to trust the designer.


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Trust the Designer or really trust the designer

If you are a patient and the more critical the situation is, the more you have to trust the doctor instead of “personal feelings”. Similarly, trust the designer and their expertise.

No matter what you do, it’s normal for the things you create to get feedback once, twice, and three times, but the fourth time will lead to a “get it done” mentality.

Marketer feedback is basically meaningless and makes the process cumbersome because the product will then be approved by the boss and the customer, giving it another round of feedback. The question is, what does the marketer have to add an extra layer of feedback for?

Designers and Marketers

In agencies or clients, designers are often in a position of support for many parties, not just marketers. Therefore, the marketing feedback not only has a tangible effect of delaying the work of other departments, but also affects the creative spirit of the designer – which will affect other parallel designs.

And since the product will be sent to the superiors and the customer to approve, the more marketers should keep the designer’s product intact to share the responsibility as well as motivate them to be more refined.

Perhaps again, the point of the article is to target the emotional assessment of the marketer with the designer, not to mention technical errors.

We always know that no matter the marketer or the account or any person in the team when the feedback is in the mood to want the best or the best and it is true that they are “itchy”, not because they deliberately draw a story. difficult each other.

But the point is, why do you think you can feel what other people can’t, and why do you think your feeling is right?

Because personal feeling is something of a luxury at work. Even Apple’s design still has its critics, does it matter that you “personally feel” bad products?  What is more important is the efficiency and smoothness of the process. Therefore, if you are hesitant, do a small survey, instead of stubbornly believing in your “feelings”.

It’s not a matter of right or wrong, it’s a matter of how right and wrong here affect the process.

Marketers should limit the impact of “action bias” (people tend to dislike doing nothing, so they always try to show people that they do something, no matter what. meaningless or not). Sometimes doing nothing is more valuable than trying to find something to do.

The trick is to trust others.

The trick is to not always assume that you know and others don’t.

The trick is, let the experts do their thing.

designer vs marketer

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