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Digital Marketing  and Online Marketing are not two identical terms. Many people are surprised to hear this view. This is understandable, because there are people who have worked for a long time in the field of marketing who are also confused about the two concepts above. This article mistakenly clarifies the issues surrounding the two terms. That gives us the right view in the field of digital marketing.


I. Confusion Between Digital Marketing and Online Marketing

To clearly distinguish these two terms, it is necessary to go from the points of difference in nature. In general, there are 2 basic differences between Digital Marketing and Online Marketing. It’s about the concept and tools used.

1. What is Digital Marketing?

When it comes to Digital marketing, you mean the use of digital channels including devices and platforms (regardless of whether they are online or not) to build or promote and deliver your marketing message. to the user. In other words, with Digital Marketing it is not limited to just using the internet. Which in this way Digital Marketing can be seen as a broader term. It covers a wide variety of marketing techniques.

For example, you want to run a mobile SMS marketing campaign to send customers upcoming promotions from your business. Technology used to create and send automated messages. But users do not need an Internet connection to be able to receive SMS.

2. What is Online Marketing?

Online marketing is also known as internet marketing. It is a subset of Digital Marketing. To be able to perform activities in Online Marketing, it requires an internet connection.

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For example: If we do a Google advertising campaign for a certain business or brand, we are doing a form of Online Marketing.

Just like Digital Marketing, Online Marketing is developed with technology. However, Online Marketing is evolving and innovating too fast. Hardly anyone can keep up with everything. In addition, to a newcomer, Online Marketing seems flashy and overwhelming. Because now everyone mentions it and it’s easy to access. This is also one of the main reasons causing confusion that Digital Marketing and Online Marketing are the same thing.

3. Tool Differences

The distinction between Digital Marketing and Online Marketing is in fact shown mainly through the tools used. Specifically: The tools that Digital Marketing uses include 2 groups of channels. The first is the channels that need to use the Internet (the online marketing tools). The second is the channels that do not use the Internet (called Digital Advertising).

Some of the most commonly used online marketing tools today are:

– SEO – SEM:  The first is advertising on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing (SEM). The second is to optimize the website to achieve a higher ranking on the natural search results of the search engines (SEO).

Email Marketing:  advertising by sending emails to customers. Those are the people included in the list or database. To introduce them to services, products or news updates.

Content Marketing:  a method of advertising by creating or posting content that has the ability to create good interactions with users. Thereby increasing traffic, pageviews or generating profits.

– Social Marketing:  advertising and conveying messages to users through social networks. Some popular social networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. The aim is to increase brand awareness.

– Display:  advertising through services provided (publishers, ad networks, ad exchange, DSP). With the form of displaying formats (images, videos, flash, html) on websites in the provider’s system.

Some popular Digital Advertising tools are still effective such as:

– SMS:  advertising through SMS on the phone.

– TV / Radio:  advertising on TV channels and radio stations.

– LCD / Banner (signboard):  advertising through LCD displays (found in buildings) or electronic signs in public places.


II. Does the Difference Really Matter?

Marketers who confuse these two terms still do good marketing and make profits for their businesses. The question is, is it necessary to distinguish these two factors?

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The cause of this problem is not difficult to explain. With the development of technology and the internet. Currently, the boundary between the two terms is blurring. Phones have gradually become pocket computers, televisions can also connect to the internet and access the network, can tune in to radio waves. Anyone can connect to the internet anywhere with the popularity of 3G, wifi.

At this time, what is the difference between SMS and Push Message advertising for users? If the TV connects to the network and receives promotional emails, is it email marketing or TV advertising? There are many things that can be argued, but it can be seen that the boundary between the two types of components in Digital Marketing is actually not completely separate.

It is a fact that this difference does not affect your marketing activities too much. This article distinguishing Digital Marketing and Online Marketing is not to distinguish right from wrong. But to achieve the important goal is that you properly understand the meaning of each problem. From there, use the appropriate tactics when building an overall marketing plan.


III. Conclude

In summary, each term covers different communication channels and characteristics. What you need to pay attention to when doing Marketing is strategy. No matter what channel or approach you use to do marketing, you always need a clear and specific plan. Asking questions, problems & solving them will help have the right plan or strategy. From there, it helps to choose a suitable & effective channel and approach.

Hopefully my sharing can help you distinguish between  Digital Marketing  and Online Marketing .