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Not too much to say, Proposal is a mandatory factor, deciding whether agencies can gain a bidding advantage over their competitors when pitching with clients or not. An effective proposal must provide useful solutions to the client’s problems in the most convenient and creative way.

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What is Proposal?

Proposal is a written document used in marketing to communicate project information to clients, such as strategic ideas, budgets, timelines, notes, contract terms, and some other relevant information.

Proposal is designed to effectively meet the business strategy of the client, convincing potential customers to use the  agency ‘s marketing services . It is because of these factors that the proposal plays an extremely important role, as a bridge between the agency and the client, deciding the long-term cooperation between the two parties.

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In the article below, we will specifically explain the concept of a proposal in marketing, as well as share the secret to writing a successful and impressive proposal for customers.

The secret to writing a successful Proposal

So how can you write an effective Proposal? Here are the basic steps you need to take:

1. Customer survey

The first step when planning to write a proposal is to survey the customer, to whom you will communicate marketing information. Understanding your client’s culture and characteristics makes it easy to establish the style, tone, specific plan, and other elements that work best for your client.

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In case you have difficulty in surveying customers, do that research with the target audience of the product of the agency client you are working with, research the market situation, and other factors. Other peripherals that may be useful to the proposal.

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To serve the survey, you should consider a few questions to the customer such as:

  • What are the difficulties they are facing?
  • What resources did they have to solve the above problem?
  • How will they solve the above difficulties in the period of time?
  • What tools will businesses measure the effectiveness of solutions with?

Recognizing the strengths of customers not only helps agencies understand clearly how to market their customers’ products, but also helps them understand the core problems customers are facing, find out the causes and propose suggestions. the best solution.

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2. Propose the work to be done

Like any job, agencies need to plan in detail what services they will provide to clients, who do not have the resources and time to implement a specific and effective marketing plan. .

For a marketing proposal for a social media platform, the agency needs to clearly define the communication channels that will be used to market the product, the content marketing posting schedule,  and the tools to measure the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. .

3. Provide time to perform activities

The time factor is one of the important factors related to whether the client comes to a decision to cooperate with the agency or not.

In the proposal, the agency needs to clearly define the time period to implement tasks such as: uploading content on media channels, coordinating the time to carry out the work in the project, and much more. The specified time should be considered on the basis of the customer’s available resources.

4. Determine the cost and terms in the contract

Funding and related contract terms are also two important aspects of the proposal. The agency should consider proposing the following elements in the proposal:

economic establishment and joint drilling operation

  • Cost (in time units); or package cost (calculated by service).
  • Terms related to payment (such as costs will be paid at the beginning of the campaign, or paid after the services are completed, etc.).
  • Working conditions (fixed location, or flexible choice)
  • Terms relating to the termination of the contract.
  • Other provisions.

5. Effective measurement method

In the proposal, the agency should specify additional tools to help businesses capture the effectiveness of marketing project activities, such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc.

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The publicity of these tools helps clients clearly see the success of the project, enhances trust between the two parties, and makes necessary adjustments should the project arise unexpected problems.

Advantages of implementing a marketing proposal

1.  Improve the trust  between the agency and the client, contributing to building a long-term relationship between the two parties.

2.  Make the agency stand out  from the competition. In the proposal, agencies can completely integrate their own strengths, thereby convincing customers to use their services.

3.  Communicate  more clearly the services that they (agency) will provide to customers.

Proposal templates for your project:

Here are the websites that you can refer to to choose a suitable Proposal version. The advantage of using ready-made Proposal templates will help you save your design time and effort. In addition, these Proposal design software are also available with features such as: Tracking, electronic signature, … to bring the best effect.

1. Better Proposals

Better Proposals  is a website that specializes in providing sample Proposals at a very reasonable cost, from only $13 per person per month, you have 10 sets of extremely professional and impressive proposals. This software offers a variety of pre-made templates, comes with measurement features, digital signatures, and custom domain names.

website betterproposals

2. Proposify

Proposify  is also a website specializing in providing ready-made proposal templates, with a $19 account you will have 3 users for 1 month. Hundreds of stunning designs, customized for every industry. Accompanying it are basic features such as: notification, measurement, digital signature.

website proposify

3. Qwilr

Qwilr’s  is a software that specializes in providing marketing-related documents, including building Proposal templates according to available templates. For $29/month for 3 user accounts, Qwilr offers a huge library of impressive Proposal templates.

website qwilr

In addition, you can also refer to the Websites dedicated to Freelancer to design your Proposal:

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a huge marketplace of Freelancers worldwide where you can find people to fulfill your job requirements at a very reasonable cost. You can absolutely find a designer to design a Proposal for you at Fiverr.

website fiverr

2. 99Designs

99Designs  is also a website dedicated to freelance designers. The good thing about this website is that designers will have to compete with each other, and decide who is the winner will be up to you.

website 99designs

3.  – Indeed is also a good choice if you are in need of designing marketing materials. This website is now available in Vietnam.

website indeed

4.  – This is a great website for small business owners to find and hire freelancers to fulfill their requirements.

website freelancer

Hopefully the information  Malu  has just provided will be of great help in setting up an effective proposal for your business. Check out other Marketing articles   at  Malu’s Blog .