According to Forbes magazine, Apple is the most valuable brand in the world for many years in a row, despite the high price of devices from Smartphones to Tables and laptops, or criticism from users. around their difficulties in using products in the Apple ecosystem.

Every time Apple launches a new product, we see a long line of people standing in line outside the Apple Store.

Are you curious to know what makes this expensive brand successful? How does Apple win the hearts and trust of consumers? Let’s find out in detail in the following article!

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1. User experience

After all, a brand is just a customer’s experience in the process of using a product / service. Take Coca Cola for example, none of us do not know how this brand’s carbonated soft drinks have a negative impact on health.

But the refreshing taste of Coca Cola on a summer day that users can experience makes them forget about the “dangers” that await them from this drink.

Apple's user boy

That’s also why: Although Apple’s electronic device products are priced “unreasonably high” compared to competitors in the same industry, customers still flock to the Apple Store to experience new products. from the firm.

We can see:  Apple gives consumers  the promise of great experiences  when they use products from it. More than just a flashy exterior, technology devices from Apple really bring moments of comfort to any user.

Here are the little things that play a decisive role in helping Apple win the trust of difficult customers:

  • Meticulous in product design and packaging.
  • Attentive and dedicated customer service.
  • Pursuing a strategy of focusing on developing products in the high-end segment.
  • In advertising campaigns, Apple always tries to associate their products with people’s daily activities, creating close associations with users.
  • but the boy is very good with apple's sanction

In today’s era, developing products with a strategy of taking advantage of technology platforms or designing to compete is a seemingly “impossible” task.

More and more businesses realize this and gradually move to a strategy: Put the customer at the center of all improvement. The same is true of what we see at Apple.

2. Customer loyalty

Apple understands the single most important factor in their branding success: customer loyalty.

Obviously, this is one of the goals chosen by many businesses in their Brand Building strategy.

apple customer service

The process for your customers to become loyal to your brand can be briefly explained as follows:  Know – use – believe – love.

Users must know you, use the product, feel satisfied before trusting and becoming a “fan” of your brand.

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3. Touch the emotional side of product users

Apple has a very clever strategy every time they launch a new product: It is to get everyone talking about what is related to that product.

Apple welcomes me to the customer's commitment

Usually, before the product launch, fans of the “consumer apple” brand are eagerly waiting for and updated from product-related information, and the technology world has heated debates surrounding the product. what technology can do.

Faced with hot talk about Apple products, do you want to experience that new device firsthand? I’m sure your answer is: Yes.

4. Think differently

For its fans, Apple is always right. Once you get your users thinking like this, soon your business will have dozens of loyal customers willing to spend hours arguing and defending your brand.

apple always thinks differently

This seems to go against everything people think they should do with their customers: It is the business that sets the trend!

Apple’s concept: At first, customers don’t know what they need and want. The job of the “missing apple” is to guide customers, helping them understand what they need and want in a high-tech product. Create trends, that’s what Apple does.

5. Interact with customers

No business can survive if they completely separate themselves from their customers. Apple always takes the time to listen to the thoughts and aspirations of users of products manufactured by its brand.

New Apple products always satisfy the needs of customers, simply because: All questions and dissatisfaction of users have been resolved in this updated version.

happy with apple customers

Apple dominates and creates new trends in the market, but they also do not forget to keep customers right next to them, interact and share their difficulties and problems. That is one of the secrets to the success of the Apple brand in the market.

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Hopefully, the information shared by Malu will be a guideline to accompany you in the upcoming brand building and development journey. If you have any questions or issues to share, do not hesitate to post a comment below the article.