Peach Fuzz is the main color of 2024 announced by Pantone on December 7, 2023. Gentle, smooth or modern are the company’s descriptions of this color range. This is also the color that is expected to encourage people to always have empathy and connection with each other as the world becomes more and more volatile.

Introducing Pantone 

Pantone or its full name is Pantone Matching System is a company specializing in color application. For many consecutive years, this company has always made predictions about the main color tones of the following year. This company’s forecast has received the attention of many people in the design and fashion industries…

Fashion trends will definitely be influenced by the forecasts of the Pantone Matching System, so you can consider it for your business.

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Peach Fuzz – Orange Peach: The main color of 2024

With color code 13-1023, Peach Fuzz is a delicate combination of orange and pink colors. You will immediately think of succulent peaches, summer, and dreamy and romantic stories.

While the main color of 2023 is Viva Magenta, it has the strength and fierceness of red. Peach Fuzz has a clear contrast. This can be explained by people’s recovery after the stagnation and loss of 2 years of the Covid -19 epidemic. Peach Fuzz is not about strong vitality and courage to move forward, but about connection, compassion and empathy.

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Main color scheme of 2024

Meaning of Peach Fuzz – Main color 2024

According to experts, they think that the color of 2024 will aim to relieve pressure after 2 stressful years. People should care more about themselves and heal their souls after the global economic upheaval.

Ms. Leatrice Eiseman – Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute had a sharing session with Time magazine. She attributed this result to many days of investigation and deliberation. Peach Fuzz most fully and directly reflects human desires in the face of difficulties, challenges, and even the uncertainties of life.

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Color full of vitality

PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz is a smooth, delicate peach tone that conveys our universal need for intimacy and connection. The CEO of the PantoneTM Color Institute also shared, Peach Fuzz is a “bright color with warmth and modern class, emitting a humanistic spirit and a an easy way to connect youth and eternity”.

This is a big challenge for a color that wants to bring people together, but with Peach Fuzz, Pantone’s 2024 Color of the Year, this is a meaningful goal.

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Modern, great meaning

Application of Peach Fuzz color scheme in interior design industry

Peach Fuzz color scheme brings warmth and friendliness to your home space. You can choose it as wall paint, indoor furniture or anywhere you want.

Spaces such as bedrooms, reading rooms or offices are very suitable for using Peach Fuzz. They not only bring relaxation but are also extremely youthful and soothing.

Using Peach Fuzz as an accent on walls, furniture or on paintings, artwork or accessories will give your room a modern, sophisticated and luxurious look.

Some suggestions compiled by Malu you can refer to:

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peach fuzz's color scheme

application of Peach Fuzz color in interior design

Peach Fuzz color combination in fashion design

In fashion design, many collections on catwalks have used this color tone. Brands also cleverly mix & match different color tones to create a trendy, attractive and trendy outfit.

Some names that can be mentioned are Willie Norris for Outlier spring 2024, Missoni spring 2024, Balmain spring 2024….

peach fuzz 1

peach fuzz n's hair color game 2

Modern design with blazer set. The design comes from the Patou spring 2024 collection

peach fuzz 3's hair color game

Using ombre color scheme from top to bottom, brings uniqueness and style. The dress is taken from the Willie Norris for Outlier spring 2024 collection

peach fuzz 4

Even with a simple skirt, this color scheme also shows its impression in the new spring collection of fashion house Maryam Nassir Zadeh

peach fuzz 5's hair color game

Even fashion house Balmain also uses this color tone in its designs. Spring 2024 collection with adorable off-the-shoulder dress pleated dress.

peach fuzz 6's hair color game

Alaïa spring 2024 is also not out of the race with colors. In addition to the Peach Fuzz color range, the company also has many other color tones such as black, white, gray…

peach fuzz hair color game n 7

Sophisticated design in every line, meticulous in every detail

peach fuzz hair color game n 8

Prabal Gurung also has designs using this dreamy orange tone

Above are the shares of Malu about Peach Fuzz or the main color of 2024. Not only that, Peach Fuzz also is the commemorative symbol for the 25th anniversary of the Pantone Color of the Year program.