AI art

The painting called Théâtre D’opéra Spatial was awarded first prize in the digital art category on August 29 at the Colorado State Exhibition (USA). Photo: Jason Allen.

Midjourney is a text-to-picture program that is rapidly gaining the attention of internet users.

As technology develops, humanity appears more and more new and attractive things from machines. Recently, paintings drawn by the “machine” of Midjourney are creating a huge effect, so what  is Midjourney ? Who created this system and is it harmful to humans? Discover with  Malu Design  this exciting new technology.

What is Midjourney?

Midjourney is an AI system that allows users to input ideas for the picture they want to draw so that from there, the computer will perform complex algorithms and turn your written ideas into an artistic picture. unique in digital form.


If you do not know what the term AI is? You can refer to Malu Design’s answer to  what is AI technology that has been shared clearly about this future technology!

midjourney the gi
A work created by AI Midjourney.

On the official Midjourney website, you can see a description from its creators, roughly translated as follows:

“Midjourney is a fresh and liberal treasure trove that will tap into the fascinating aspects of your own thinking and reach a whole new level of human creativity.”

Another system similar to Midjourney was also introduced as Dall-E. So what’s the difference between Dall-E and Midjourney?

Dall-E “paints” paintings in a realistic direction, while Midjourney will create more art-oriented paintings. That means Midjourney will help “romanticize” the thoughts in your head in the direction of art.

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Difference between DALL-E (left) and Midjourney (right)

Who is behind Midjourney?

In its introduction, Midjourney said it has a total of 11 full-time employees, working alongside countless leading experts in the fields of AI and painting.

Midjourney’s CEO is David Holz, a former co-founder of Leap Motion, a researcher at NASA’s spaceflight center.

You can refer to the details of the participants in the development of the Midjourney project at the following link:

midjourney the gi

How did AI Midjourney learn to paint?

AI is made up of complex lines of math code created by humans. Therefore, Midjourney cannot naturally have extraordinary abilities such as transforming human thoughts into art paintings.

Before being put to use, Midjourney’s AI had to be fed a huge treasure of image data from the internet, accompanied by a related description.

Next, through Deep Learning, AI has the ability to find out the relationship between this thing or phenomenon and one or more other things and phenomena.

For example, with “banana”, things related to bananas can be “yellow” or “monkey”, etc.

midjourney the gi

Based on the descriptions entered by the user before, our AI will try to modify the above data to make it as reasonable as possible to create a complete work.

These data will be drawn from the smallest pixels and repeated until the work is completed. Since this variation is completely random, the results will not be the same for all executions.

The wave of artists’ outrage at MidJourney

Currently, there are many artists “protesting” on the ArtStation site. This is a dedicated site for artists to post their work. But with the appearance of paintings created by AI and being sold, it aroused a wave of anger because there were many artists whose paintings were used as training data for AI without permission and it is almost impossible for them to remove this data from the AI.




In short, maybe MidJourney is just an AI tool that helps us to freely create pictures based on our imagination and it cannot be a tool for business because the products created by MidJourney are still in progress. based on works by famous artists.

Can Midjourney replace the painter?

In general, the advantage of Midjourney compared to paintings of real artists lies in its uniqueness and difference. That is, the same subject, the same idea, but these pictures will not be the same.

However, the paintings created by AI Midjourney are not complete and highly accurate. Because what the AI ​​is “learned” may not be completely true to the thoughts and wishes of the user.

In addition, it must also operate on human creativity, so it is clearly not a complete replacement for humans.

In recent years, photographs of the NFT format have become very popular. For those who do not know what NFT is, NFT is a digital product that represents real-life objects such as paintings, photos, videos, etc., and they are “unique”.

This leaves many artists wondering what their professional future holds. Because now, creating the scene image in the game that took an hour now only needs a few minutes thanks to the AI.

midjourney the gi

A lot of people have very positive thoughts about AI-created art in the future.

However, that is the story of the future. At present, when Midjourney’s products are still not complete and highly accurate. The works of the present are still heavily based on human ideas.

After all, this is still a technology created by people and serving people.

How to use Midjourney to draw pictures

To be able to use Midjourney to paint in beta, you can follow these steps:

Step 1 : Visit   Midjourney’s trial registration link . Log in to your Discord account (if you have one) or create a new Discord account and click  Accept invitation  from Midjourney.

Untitled 3

Step 2 : Read the tutorial pinned in Midjourney’s Discord and test it out.

Screenshot 2022 08 06 213317

The beta trial is limited to 25 drawing requests, so if you need more, sign up for a Midjourney membership.


This post by  Malu Design  made the question of  what is Midjourney  easy for you, right? This is certainly a new step in the technological development of modern people.