Color paper is a type of paper that is widely used in photo printing, office printing and products that require high durability. Color printing paper is capable of producing beautiful, sharp and honest color prints.

1. What is color printing paper?

Color printing paper  , also known as  color inkjet paper  , is a type of paper that has been coated with an inorganic compound, mainly to prevent inkjet ink from spreading in the paper, helping the printout to have accurate and clear colors. , sharp, sharp and long life.

The appearance of this paper looks no different from ordinary printing paper such as  Ford paper . However, the paper is actually coated with medicine for better print quality.

Fast printing paper is the type and use of fast printing machine1
Color printing paper has the same appearance as normal printing paper

2. Color paper compatibility

Color printing paper is a type of printing paper with good compatibility with inks such as  water-based ink , thermal transfer ink or  Pigment ink , thermal ink,  oil ink …

This type of paper has better printing ability than other common printing papers. Inkjet paper is specially designed for inkjet printers, usually identifiable by the weight, brightness, smoothness and opacity of the paper.

Standard inkjet printing requires the paper to have sufficient water absorption to catch the ink, but to avoid the spread of ink solvents (and thus, inkjet ink) on the surface and within the paper.

Fast printing paper is the type and application of the printer speed2
Inkjet printer for color inkjet paper

Ordinary office paper (quantity 80-100gsm) can be used for inkjet printing, however, good printing results can be achieved if only text or graphics are printed that do not require high color accuracy. . Prints with a large print area (print element), for example in prints of images or graphics with a wide array of colors, can stretch and lead to paper warping, especially when inkjet printing on two sides of the paper. . At that time, the non-specialized paper will be sucked, absorbed ink from both sides, leading to the printing color that can see through the paper from one side to the other. These common office papers are not recommended for inkjet printing of images because of their poor color tones, resulting in dull, lifeless prints.

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3. Color printing paper types and applications

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  • Office use: Usually A4, A3, letter, A4+, A3+
    • Common color inkjet paper
    • Quality inkjet paper like photo printing
    • Color inkjet paper with matte side
    • Color inkjet paper with glossy side
    • Color inkjet paper on both sides
    • Color inkjet paper for printing on fabric
  • Industrial use: Usually available in rolls with widths of 61cm, 65cm, 85cm, 125cm and 153cm.
  • Indoor hanging type
  • Outdoor hanging type

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Mainly people divide color printing paper into 2 most commonly used paper sizes: A3 size and A4 size.

A4 . color printing paper

A4 color paper with a weight of 130-140gsm. The A4 size is the most common and convenient size of all printing paper sizes, it can be used in almost any situation, in any situation.

A4 size paper has some common applications such as:

  • Print catalog templates, high-end advertising design.
  • Print color photos.
  • Print heat transfer images on fabrics, shirts, porcelain cups…
  • Print book covers, newspaper covers, magazine publications that require high durability.
  • Print high quality promotional brochures.
Quick printing paper is the type and use of mau3 printing machine
A4 . color printing paper

A3 . color printing paper

A3 color paper has a weight of 130gsm. Paper with this weight is often used in cases to print documents or documents that need beautiful colors.

Not only with paper of this size, but all types of color printing paper in general have better printing ability than ordinary paper because they have excellent color coating ability. Because it can be used with all types of ink, the paper can meet a variety of uses.

In addition, with A3 size, color paper has another weight of 140gsm. This type is good for use with inkjet printers, especially Epson printers. Paper also has the advantage that it can be printed on 2 sides (also known as 2-sided color paper). Paper is one of the high quality printing paper products and has strengths in all fields of color printing, photo printing, photo printing, album printing… and has high durability over the years.

Some applications of A3 2-sided color printing paper:

  • Used for color printing, heat transfer printing.
  • Used for printing inkjet prints, large-sized margin printing, color inkjet printing.
  • Print advertising publications, large posters.
  • Print advertising banners.
  • Print color photos.
Quick printing paper is the type and application of mau4 printing machine
Specialized color printing paper for photo printing

If you are in need of printing high-quality documents but are afraid of poor quality water-resistant paper, the best solution in this case is Inkjet color paper. This is a high-quality printing paper with a quantity of 128gsm, specialized for color printing of documents with high quality, beautiful, harmonious colors and especially excellent water resistance. With a resolution of 2880 DPI, Pari Inkjet paper will always deliver the printed finished product that is the most faithful to the color and details printed on the paper.

Thus, if you are looking for a paper that is not too expensive but has good print quality, beautiful prints and true colors, then color paper is a great choice.

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