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How to choose meaningful and impressive office gifts

Practical and meaningful gifts will help the recipient always remember the gift giver Office gifts  are

Things to know about corporate gifts

Corporate gifts are considered “messages” that businesses send to partners, customers, employees and the public. Malu would

Guide to Taking Beautiful, Professional Advertising Product Photos

“Better wood is better than paint”, is this still true in advertising product photography on

What is TVC? 10 Steps to build an impressive and effective advertising

Today, traditional advertising on TV (TVC – Television commercial) is no longer a powerful communication

What is Plastisol Ink? Applications of Plastisol mực ink

Plastisol ink is a light oil-based ink, specialized for printing on fabrics, with better adhesion

What is UV printing ink? Advantages and disadvantages of UV printing ink

UV printing technology cures ink by UV light. Therefore, it is necessary to use printing inks

What is UV printing technology? Practical application

UV printing is a printing technology for beautiful, sharp images, the ink layer adheres firmly

Structure, working principle of thermal transfer printer

Thermal transfer printing technology is a fairly popular technology chosen by many businesses. For small businesses

What is sublimation printing? How is it different from heat transfer printing?

Sublimation ink technology is a concept often confused with thermal transfer printing. In fact, these two

What is Dye UV ink and how is it applied?

Currently on the market, there are mainly two types of ink used for color inkjet

What is UV Pigment Ink? Application of Pigment UV ink

Pigment UV ink is a specialized ink for inkjet printers, which has the advantage of

What is Sublimation Ink? – Features and mechanism of action

Sublimation ink is one of the special inks, specialized for Sublimation thermal transfer printing technology.