Ford paper is one of the most popular and cheapest papers on the market. Thanks to its outstanding advantages, Ford paper is applied everywhere as well as in all areas of life.

1. What is Ford Paper?


Ford paper  (or Fort paper) is  uncoated paper  , so it has a smooth, non-glare surface, suitable for writing and reading. In addition, the paper is made from pulp that is processed by chemical grinding method, so most of the lignin has been removed, so it is difficult to yellow over time, suitable for storage.

Ford shoes are the applications in Vietnam
Ford paper has a rough, uncoated surface, suitable for writing notebooks

To make it easier to understand, lignin is a substance found in wood pulp. When treating wood pulp, it is necessary to remove as much lignin as possible because lignin will break the hydrogen bonds of the cellulose molecules, making the paper less tough and prone to staining. Thus, thanks to the ability of Ford paper to remove most of the lignin, the paper is tough and retains its color very well, without yellowing and discoloration. That’s why Ford paper is very suitable for document storage.

Types of Ford Paper

Ford paper is divided into 3 types:

  • White Ford Paper:  This paper has a high whiteness (from 68% or more). This is the type of paper used a lot in printing envelopes, letterhead, photocopying in the office, printing 1 to 2 color books…
  • Yellow Ford Paper:  Paper with low whiteness (less than 60%), often turning yellow. This type of paper is used to print textbooks, literature books, etc. and is cheap.
  • Color Ford paper:  Unlike white ford paper used in stationery, colored ford paper with colors as its name suggests is quite diverse. Colorful ford paper is often used to make lovely, cute paper bags for gift giving. In addition, colored ford paper is also used in journalism, envelope design, letterhead paper.

Ford paper weight

Ford paper weight includes: 60 gsm, 70gsm, 80gsm, 100 gsm, 120 gsm, 150 gsm, 170 gsm, 220 gsm, 250gsm, 300gsm. With gsm being the unit of paper weight, 1 gsm = 1g/m2. Ford A4 paper commonly used in photo booths is usually 70gsm, 80gsm, and 100gsm.

The higher the number, the thicker the paper. Depending on the purpose of use, you can choose the type of paper with the appropriate weight.

Paper weight means the weight of a sheet of paper with an area of ​​1m2. For example, say 300gsm Ford paper, which means that 1 sheet of 1 square meter paper weighs 300g. And of course, 300gsm Ford paper will be thicker than 150gsm paper.

Ford Paper Size

Ford paper is usually rolled into large rolls, easy to transport and easy to store. In addition, it is also packed in volumes with small paper sizes such as A5, A4 or A3 files. Larger sizes will be split from the roll as the need arises.

Ford paper has 2 common paper sizes, 65x86cm and 79x109cm.

The size 65x86cm is very suitable for publications whose sizes are multiples of A4 such as: A5, A4, A3, A2, A1.

Compatibility of Ford Paper

Often used in  offset printing technology  because the paper surface is thin, the ink can adhere to the paper surface quickly. Besides, in some cases, customers can also use  Flexo printing technology .

2. Characteristics of Ford paper

Advantages of Ford paper:

  • Variety: Ford Paper is produced in a variety of sizes and colors. You can find pure white paper that is just right for printing conference documents or thick paper for printing images or for special purposes.
  • Various sizes: Ford Paper has all basic sizes from A5 to A0. Suitable for notebooks, notebooks, office documents, etc.
    Rich colors: Ford paper has rich colors, from pure white, yellow to colorful colors for other uses. together.
  • High applicability: Combining all the above advantages with low cost, Ford paper is widely used in daily life. You can easily find it at photo shops or stationery stores.
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable: Because it is made from pulp, no other chemicals are added, it is easy to recycle. contribute to protect the environment.

Disadvantages of Ford paper:

  • This paper is thin and soft, so the print quality may not be good.
  • Paper is easy to absorb water, easy to smudge ink.
  • Because the price of Ford paper is relatively cheap, there are many facilities that make poor quality Ford paper on the market, causing the quality of paper and prints made from Ford paper to decrease, causing damage to consumers and businesses. .

3. Application of Ford paper in printing

Ford paper is used a lot in offices, schools, used as writing paper, made into student notebooks, notebooks, text printing paper, photocopies, etc. White notebooks written with Bai Bang or Tan Mai paper that are used by many people. Most commonly used by students is made from ford paper with a whiteness of over 60%.

The ford shoes are the applications in the an3 printer
Ford paper is used as a common writing paper, the whiteness is about 60%.

Ford paper is used a lot in Offset printing technology to make the inside of books, newspapers, notebooks, envelopes, note paper, letterhead, etc. Ford paper has a whiteness of less than 60%.

Colored Ford paper is used to make paper bags, gift bags, cards, etc. Ford paper is soft, so it has very good shaping ability. Therefore, it is also used as packaging and bags.

Paper can also be used in Label Printing, but is not as common. If you want to learn more about the type of paper for printing labels, you can see more at the article Printing paper stamps.

ford shoes
Paper ford used for invitations

Thus, if you want to print books, print documents, bind books, ordinary notebooks or make gift bags, you can choose Ford paper. However, if you need harder, glossy paper to print warranty cards, print catalogs, etc., you should not choose this type of paper because it is quite soft, rough, has no gloss, and the ink quality is not beautiful. , can instead refer to paper types such as couche, Bristol….