elephant business 100 million

What business with 5000$  – Difficult question but easy. Because today with a capital of 5000$ to start a business is no longer an abundant amount, even it can be considered as meager. However, with the current trend, young people with enthusiasm and creativity are willing to dare to do and dare to fail.

Malu will suggest 5000$ capital business ideas  to help young people have a more realistic view of the current business market. Thereby making appropriate business decisions to get rich effectively.

Get rich with 5000$ from online sales

One of the best answers to the question of  what to invest with 5000$  is to sell online. As of 2017, Vietnam has become one of the countries with the highest percentage of Internet users in the region, especially young people.

On average, a Vietnamese person spends 6 hours a day using the Internet and the trend of “online shopping” is increasingly popular because of its ease and convenience. Thus, the reach of online business people with customers is very large, the market is expanded.

you can shop online with 100 million

Especially, you do not have to pay for space rent or hire staff, you can also do other jobs in parallel. This not only reduces the amount of investment capital, but also saves your time. However, it is essential that you capture market information and the supply and demand of the product to choose the right business item. Popular items today can be mentioned such as clothing, food, household appliances, etc.

Junk food business

Snack shops have become a familiar place for young Vietnamese. According to the results of a survey, up to 90% of people often snack at least once a week, especially women with a more frequent level. The attraction of snack shops is that the food is both delicious and cheap, new and attractive.

The  snack business model  is also very simple, does not take too much investment. The average price of favorite snacks such as: Tea, mixed rice paper, fruit pickles, pate bread, etc. is only about 15,000-30,000 VND, the most reasonable price with the average income today.

business by an elephant 100 million

So, if you choose this business plan, you don’t need to spend too much capital, in addition, you can do business in the environment of many young people, so it always creates a bustling, dynamic and fresh atmosphere. .

Choosing a convenient location such as near schools, industrial parks – where the population is dense, along with the import of quality goods, food safety and hygiene, this will definitely be a career ” Make a lot of money.”

Start a bookstore with 5000$

An idea that seems to be old but full of potential that not many people really realize. With only a capital of 100 million, you can own a beautiful small bookstore with a series of quality books and really attractive content, meeting the reading needs of students.

Besides, to be able to develop a diverse business model, in addition to renting or selling books, etc., you can also actively trade in some more items at the bookstore such as backpacks, textbooks, etc. some school supplies (paper, pens, notebooks, …) to bring higher efficiency.

start to understand the book with 100 million

Especially in the past time, the model “Cafe – Book” has been very HOT, sipping a cup of coffee and reading a few books is a modern and civilized lifestyle, creating a sense of relaxation and peace for each person. . Don’t miss it, this is an effective and progressive business plan.

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Trading in phone accessories with 5000$

Nowadays, almost everyone buys a mobile phone for their convenience to communicate and work. And it can also be said that mobile phones have become inseparable from each of us. Therefore, protecting and decorating the “love cricket” is something that deserves the attention of users.

A stall selling phone accessories including products such as cases, headphones, charger cords, screen stickers, etc. will be an ideal place for people to choose, because the above items are due to the nature and many factors. agents that are very often damaged and need to be replaced. Moreover, not only is there a high demand, but fashion items of phone accessories are also becoming more and more diverse and rich, the source of imports is extremely cheap and easy to find.

100 million dong for mobile phone business

It’s really not difficult to get rich from 5000$ with a phone accessories store, isn’t it?

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In addition, you can also take advantage of major holidays such as March 8, October 20, Halloween, Noel, Valentine to do business and make money from unique, novel and creative ideas.

The road to starting a business is arduous and challenging. If you are willing to cope and dare to accept failures, then  doing business with 5000$ is not too difficult a problem.

However, before you start you have to imagine what your business path will be? What do you want your business to be like? And are you really excited to go with it?

Good luck!