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Today, breakthrough and amazing business ideas seem to come up every day.

According to, there are currently 966 million websites in the world and WordPress is responsible for over 76.5 million blogs. Although there are no exact statistics, but the results of some studies show that now more than 100 million people around the world are successful with their online business.

There are many people who are willing to quit their stable jobs to embark on this online business journey for the profit and unrestricted freedom in this work. So, if you are contemplating the idea of ​​starting something of your own, here is a list of the most effective 2022 online business ideas that are within reach of almost anyone who might be willing to go. .

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Online business ideas 2022 you can start tomorrow

1. Travel consultant

Do you spend more time packing up and going than most people you know? Traveling is one of the passions and great pleasures of many people – those who follow the “displacement” ideology.


If you are an active person, take care and ingenuity in organizing memorable trips. Just to satisfy your passion to visit places and help people with the same passion, why not try to take advantage of it? Become a travel consultant to help people plan unforgettable vacations from A to Z and enjoy every second.

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2. Foreign Language Teacher

Foreign languages ​​and especially English have become a mandatory condition for development in the modern 4.0 era. Thanks to schools and mass media, today almost every family is aware of the importance of learning a foreign language.

foreign assignment

Everyone knows that the fastest way to learn a new language is to mingle with locals. If you’re lucky enough to be fluent in English, French, Spanish (or any of the world’s major languages), then don’t miss your chance to earn money with the skills you have!
Using online media such as Skype, Facebook to connect with students thereby helping us to be proactive in our time and have more income.

3. Crafts Store

If you have skillful hands and are passionate about embroidery and painting, then try to take advantage of your talent and turn it into a business idea. This job requires you to be really gifted, have flowers and even a sharp eye. This work capital takes a lot of time, so in the process of doing it must be really serious and patient.

Cave crabs due to fall

Because handmade products are always appreciated, depending on the perfection and sophistication of each product, you can be paid up to a few hundred to a million dong for a product.

4. Snacking business

Selling junk food is currently a very hot trend chosen by many young people, especially online snacking businesses that do not need to spend a lot of capital and are convenient in introducing and trading via the Internet. and social networking sites are very popular nowadays. The main audience that people often target is students.

The characteristics of snacks are often familiar, popular and cheap snacks, so preparing the ingredients is not difficult.

do an do an accident online

You just need to know how to cook a little, and build an effective business plan, or you will only specialize in one type of food if you have a unique recipe that is enough to make you stand out, or you will change. change the menu according to each season, each time and the interest of young people with that item to meet the needs of customers, this depends on your own business plan and policy.

There is also another requirement that you must definitely put on top of that is food hygiene and safety and building credibility with customers.

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5. Become a Private Chef

If cooking is your personal talent or passion, there are dozens of online business ideas that you can implement.
You can start by setting up a dining website, experiment with fast food and snack shops, then join platforms like Now, Grab Food to find potential customers on the internet. there.

beautiful face

Invest a little in product photography, before tasting it, the beautiful presentation and design will certainly be a great advantage to help promote a lot of your purchasing decisions.

6. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a seller who does not keep the products sold in his inventory. Instead, when a store sells a specific product, they buy the product from a 3rd party and the 3rd party ships it to the customer so those sellers never see the product or product handling.


Dropshipping is an attractive business model for both newbies and established merchants. With a starting capital of almost zero, this business model is very suitable for young students or people who are just starting out in business.

7. Provide fresh, clean, organic food

In a time when there is a lot of unknown food and dirty food. Organic, fresh and clean foods have emerged as a craze in modern times.

I have a book

Offering fruits and  vegetables , and fresh produce right from the factory can help you launch a successful online business. If you can build enough confidence that you are a safe, secure food supplier, you will surely earn a lot of loyal customers.

8. Social media management

Social media is an integral part of any business, but it’s time consuming and ever-changing – so it’s really hard to keep up and take full advantage of it. .

Many business owners are willing to outsource this time-consuming work, so it’s a great opportunity for social mediaists.

long distance communication agency

For example, you can completely build a “Social Media Toolkit for Startups” or “Social Media Toolkit for Small Business” as an online business idea that includes everything. From design to analysis reports and online experience will bring you more customers than you expect.

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>9. Kickstarter Advisor / Indiegogo

Kickstarter / Indiegogo is understood as a public capital raising company, allowing developers, businesses, and creators to bring their projects to raise capital from ordinary consumers on the internet at a wide range. global micro.

To stand out enough and gain attention on the most popular crowdsourcing platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo is quite a difficult job. If you are creative and know how to capture human emotions, then this can be an opportunity and a special spot worth exploring.

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10. Become an SEO expert

One of the hottest professions in the world today, this service industry is a gold mine due to the huge demand from businesses in the market. While everyone is obsessed with optimizing their website, not many people can actually solve this problem.

If you are a good person in the field of SEO, have experience in many projects, why not decide to join this field?

11. Sell Online Courses

An online course is a great digital product, just create it once and you will have a long-term passive income. There will be thousands of people going to market and sell it to you, making you an attractive character. Derek Halpern has built a really strong personal brand.

He is the founder of a business and software training company called Social Triggers and makes a lot of money teaching people the best selling skills and techniques.

online science department

If you have expertise in a certain area, start making money selling online courses or simply teaching people over the internet.

12. Write your CV

Creating an unbeatable CV is a relatively difficult task for many people. If you are experienced, good at words and know how to bring out the best qualities and a must-have candidate, CV writing could be a pretty great market for you to start a business. .

Alternatively, you can sell clean, professionally designed CV templates to people who don’t have a good taste in graphics.

13. Become an Online Writer

For many people, the job of writing is something quite scary when they are not good at arranging words and sentences. The power of words has the ability to persuade readers immensely.

vietnamese people online

If you have experience in writing or creating content, you can make money with this skill by creating compelling speeches for occasions like birthdays, weddings, awards ceremonies, or contests. political treatise. Of course, next on the list is teaching people how to give a great speech.

14. Public speaking training

Public/public speaking is the number one fear on most people’s list – some are even obsessed with public speaking. Gaining confidence and presentation skills takes a lot of practice and learning.

If you have this skill, it will be a huge advantage and come in handy in many areas – from advertising to investors, to delivering key messages at global conferences.

the first year of training

You can fully utilize what you have to teach and teach people and turn it into a business of your own.

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15. As a writer and self-publisher

You have a passion for reading and writing books or books you love now the publishing industry has stopped printing it. Try writing and publishing your own book.

Using Amazon’s direct publishing tools or working with consultants like I_Am, you’ll not only be satisfied with not having to worry too much about your work, but also keep 100% of your royalties. only me.

Don’t think that you can’t write a good novel, try and maybe success will come to you.

16. Dating Coach

Online dating is booming. Thousands of people around the world are searching for love on social media and through mobile dating apps and unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in their search.
happy staff

As a dating coach, it’s your responsibility to help your clients organize and prepare for the perfect date, refine your flirting skills, and advise them on do’s and don’ts on the first date.

17. Sell professional photos

Today’s number of websites and blogs operating online requires a constant stream of beautiful and high-quality photos that serve the needs of users and can help businesses attract and convert more customers.

Setting up your own high-quality photo gallery and selling it is probably a great business idea as it targets virtually any industry no matter how big or small. You can refer to websites such as: Unsplash, Shutterstock, Flickr, etc. for more information.

18. Content editors and editors

This can be a fairly new job and is unfamiliar to many people. Editing focuses on the document as a whole and checks the sentences for fluency, clarity and proper sentence structure. A good editor should be able to offer tips on how to improve the overall readability of a document (also check for grammar and spelling errors).

edit the text of the text

Editors must read and re-read to ensure that no spelling or grammatical errors exist in the content of the article. A good editor must have a healthy eye to be able to look through all the details and be able to spot typos and any grammatical errors in a timely manner.

19. Accountant

If you are a person who is good at personal financial management or in the field of tax accounting, financial reporting, etc., try to set up an online interface by promoting yourself and your skills.

Most traders and small businesses seek professional help with their finances, so this is an area with huge potential.

20. Investment advisor

A lot of middle-income people want to create an investment portfolio to ensure a secure source of income and a stable financial future, but they simply don’t have a clue where to start and don’t have much experience. in that field.

If you are someone with professional experience as an investment analyst or have invested in the past on your own, investment advice for middle-class investors is a good opportunity for you.

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21. Mystery Item Shop

If you have an interest in strange things, objects of unknown origin and not everyone knows about it. Then you can open a mystery shop that can help you combine your passion with a steady source of income.

TheSomethingStore and Muddy are embracing the concept of a surprise sale, focusing on the exploratory instincts many of us possess.
I'm sorry

There is no exact science or skill to drive this business idea – let your imagination run wild…

23. Jewelry business

More and more people are focusing on beauty and self-care. And in order to stand out and be more luxurious in the eyes of everyone, it is indispensable for expensive jewelry. It is an indispensable accessory for both men and women and this is also a potential market for you to try.

business by page suc

The right model for a home jewelry business is through social media. Today, the number of Facebook or Instagram users is increasing rapidly, it is a potential market for us to take advantage of.

Therefore, advertising on these social networking channels is often quite effective, helping you reach a lot of potential customers.

24. Selling phone and computer accessories

You do not need a large amount of capital, you can also trade this item at home. Today, when society is developing more and more, smartphones have become extremely popular in daily life, so the need to beautify and decorate “love crickets” is also interested by everyone.

With the compact form of accessories such as headphones, cases, phone straps, tempered stickers, this is an extremely easy item to sell.

You must have a computer phone

Moreover, not only is there a high demand, but fashion items of phone accessories are also becoming more and more diverse and rich, the source of imports is extremely cheap and easy to find, this will be a good choice if You want a small home-based business.

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25. Consulting on marketing solutions for Spas

In the past, when the number of beauty spas was not much, customers did not seem to have many options for this “luxury” service. However, in the past 2 years, along with the increasing demand for beauty, spas have been opened massively everywhere, causing the level of competition in this industry to increase, forcing them to find a separate path if they don’t want to. removed from the market.
spa marketing strategy

That’s why Spas need marketing solutions, creating favorable conditions for marketing services to develop in the future.

A package marketing service for Spa including items such as: long-term or short-term planning for marketing programs, web design, fanpage for events in strategy, provision of advertising services. online like Facebook ads, Google adwords, SEO, etc.

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26. Online Sales

Online business form is no longer strange but also growing strongly in Vietnam. Because of the increasing demand of consumers, the products posted online are also very rich and diverse. This job is quite suitable for those of you who want to start a business, but with little capital, it is not enough to build premises and hire employees.

are you online?

With online sales, you can do it all by yourself. However, if you choose this job, you must be persistent, creative, skillful in dealing with customers and especially researching popular items. From there, find quality sources to be able to develop your online shop.
The most popular items currently being sold online can be mentioned as clothes, food, ornamental plants, handmade items, etc. These are mostly items of 1 profit 2 or 1 profit 3. Very suitable for business. online. If you do well, you can earn an income of 10-20 million dong, which is normal. Sometimes you can become a “god of a thousand singles” with a turnover of several tens of millions per day.

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Profitable 2022 Online Business Ideas You Can Embrace

27. Relationship Building Guide

Having a good relationship will help you a lot in life, it makes work and everything a lot smoother and easier. But some people do not have trust when communicating and are withdrawn and do not want to expand their own relationships. If you are an open-minded person, then you should make good use of it.

You will need to invest in relevant seminars and books, gain knowledge and certification before you can start coaching others, but it is a compelling business idea that will reward you. both financially and ethically.

28. Nutritionist

The trend of healthy eating is very popular. From children to adults, everyone needs a reasonable and healthy diet to be able to maximize their body development.

However, to find out for yourself, you will be confused with too much confusing information on the internet with a lot of contradictions, so more and more people are learning and self-study to become professional nutritionists and nutritionists. have deep professional knowledge.

School of Education

You can easily find free online courses to learn the fundamentals of the profession and start offering personalized nutrition programs online.

29. Online Yoga Instructor

Practicing and recording your exercise videos, then uploading it to social networking sites or selling it is not a bad business idea and can be a big source of income for you. There are hundreds of sites like Reflexion Yoga or Yogaia that offer these services, but they all have one thing in common – classes are taught by experts.
online yoga instructor

To capitalize on this trend, you’ll have to partner with a great yoga teacher or become a yoga expert.

30. Become a makeup artist

The demand for beauty is increasing day by day and it does not stop at only women. Many successful makeup artists have started their careers on YouTube, the Beauty Blogger. They make tutorial clips and have a channel of their own and grow it. Offer some free makeup sessions to build your reputation and use content marketing to get the word out online.

one day makeup

When you feel that you have enough motivation, start selling makeup tutorials, makeup products.

31. Online music teachers

You are a musically gifted person, can you play some musical instruments fluently such as guitar, piano, ..? There are many people looking for a music teacher right now, you can teach all ages from children to adults.

You can build an online business on the social networking platform facebook or use websites to generate leads and teach via Skype.

online music delivery

See GuitarTricks and JustinGuitar for inspiration.

32. Personal trainer – PT Online

An online coach is actually a traditional coach, but all activities guide customers to exercise, set up nutrition, and provide training plans for customers through online channels such as Facebook, Zalo, Viber. …

huan luyen ca Nhan pt online

The advantage of this job is that the training time is flexible, it is easy to arrange between students and the coach, online counseling support anytime customers have questions and the price for a PT online course is also cheaper. Traditional coach.

To do PT Online, you need to have a deep and wide knowledge of the field, need a good appearance so that customers can trust your knowledge more.

33. Video Producer

YouTube is the third largest website in the world, so it’s no surprise that video has become one of the main media outlets for businesses of all genres and sizes. If you have knowledge of video filming or editing, it won’t take long to build your audience.


Everything from video production workshops and video editing services to a soundtrack library to DIY tutorials can appeal to the business world. Video production can be one of the hottest online business ideas with a lot of creativity and challenges.

34. Natural and organic cosmetics store

Online shoppers are becoming more and more aware of their choices, and especially when it comes to beauty products. Running a beauty shop built on strengths and values ​​that resonate with nature and animal lovers is one of the hottest online business ideas right now.

Tropic Skin Care seems to be doing a great job connecting with these shoppers.

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35. 3D printed products

One of the biggest technological breakthroughs of this era, 3D printing is creating a new strategy in the world of E-Commerce. Some of the best-selling 3D products include jewelry, home accessories, bicycle parts, engineering accessories and more.
Some great examples check out Wonderluk, 3DigitalCooks and DanitPeleg.

36. Fashion brand “environmentally friendly”

One thing is clear that clothing and accessories has always been one of the highly profitable online business ideas for an eCommerce site. However, to stand out with so many stores and brands already online, is extremely difficult.

One promising idea that savvy entrepreneurs may have noticed is the explosive trend of “eco-friendly fashion”. Brands such as Pachacuti, People Tree, Salt Sea and Matt & Nat have successfully created their brands around the concept of organic, eco-friendly production of fashion and forward-looking items. trend topped the list of strongest brands.

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37. Halloween business

Besides New Year’s Eve and Christmas, Halloween has gradually penetrated into the lives of Vietnamese people and quickly became one of the most exciting holidays.

Therefore, these types of holiday products and services are also growing rapidly, from clothes, masks, toys to decorations, creating Halloween content on YouTube… Catching new trends, online business Halloween season will definitely help you make millions in a short time.

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