Feng shui items are very popular because in addition to decorative uses, they are considered to bring a lot of luck. Feng shui players are also very diverse, not limited by any profession, age, or gender. Therefore, opening a feng shui store is always one of the attractive business types. But want to  start a feng shui store business  , where to start? What should be prepared? Refer to this article for details from AZ.

1. What is feng shui?

Feng shui is widely used in daily life, it is very important in many countries such as China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and also western countries such as the US, Canada, Australia…

Feng shui items are objects used with the desire to bring good luck and fortune. At the same time, it is also considered a beautiful decoration in the home or work space.

According to each of the five elements, it is necessary to choose the right feng shui objects to increase fortune, facilitate business, reduce bad luck, bring good luck in life…

2. Classification of feng shui items

There are many types of feng shui items suitable for many different fields such as feng shui items that bring luck in love or convenience in work, study, etc. Colors and types are also extremely rich.

Classify Purpose
Crystal chandeliers Not only has the effect of decoration, raising the level of the house, but also has great use in terms of feng shui.
Mirror of trigrams To hang in front of the house to protect, overcome, or neutralize evil
Red thread ring As lucky bracelets, can help protect the wearer.
Feng Shui stone Help attract positive energy, career is “cool”
Gourd gourd They are considered a symbol of health and longevity.

In addition, there are many items related to feng shui such as: Carp paintings, ornamental plants, feng shui paintings, gods of wealth, etc. Each item will have different meanings but need to be used properly otherwise it will bring effects. reverse use.

3. Current trend of feng shui business

Feng shui items are more and more popular with the majority of consumers. They have become a hobby of families or business people.

In the past, when it comes to feng shui items, people often only think of big, beautiful, luxurious stores, and neatly displayed items. But the development of the internet has changed the consumption trends and shopping habits of many people. The feng shui store business is no exception.

Most feng shui stores now do business and promote online to easily approach customers and communicate with customers. And the number of potential customers is also much larger.

4. Where can the source of feng shui items be imported?

You can directly import goods from domestic or foreign sources. Sources of feng shui wholesale prices provided in the country are now very rich and diverse. You will easily find cheap, quality goods and save on shipping costs.

As for the source of goods from abroad, the price of feng shui products abroad, especially raw and unprocessed gems, is quite cheap. You will produce a lot of feng shui jewelry at half the price of the market.

However, if you do not have experience in choosing goods, you should ask someone with feng shui expertise to help in the inspection process. Please consider and research carefully about suppliers, product quality, prices and wholesale and discount policies to choose the right source of goods.

feng shui skin

5. How much capital should be prepared when you want to start a feng shui shop business ?

The price of the water defense items on the market often has many different levels. Because they also depend on the material, workmanship, design, purpose of use, … and the price of raw materials. Therefore, you need to calculate the cost and reasonable selling price. For example:

  • For jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets from agarwood, precious stones… the wholesale price is about 100-300 thousand VND/piece, you can sell it for 400-500 thousand VND/piece.
  • For desktop feng shui plants, the wholesale price is only from 40 to 300 thousand / pot, you can sell it for 100 – 500 thousand / pot.

Especially should not be cheap but import goods at too low prices, they can be completely faked from plastic. If you trade in those items, it will lose your reputation and make it difficult to develop a long-term business.

From the above estimates, you need to have a capital of at least 10-15 million VND  or more. In return you can sell for 2-3 times the import price after calculating the costs. If your product is of high quality and well-invested in promotion, you can still sell and make a profit.

6. Experience  in feng shui shop business 

6.1. Thorough market research:

Before doing any business, understand the market and customers. You should research carefully before joining to know who your competitors are? From there, draw strengths-weaknesses and experiences for yourself before starting a business.

The old concept, when building a house, opening a company, or an office, people all look at feng shui to decorate or wear things with them and hope that everything goes smoothly, more smoothly and luckily.

feng shui cave

In Asia, feng shui is well known, studied and increasingly becoming a trend. Therefore, the feng shui business market is always full of potential and can target every customer.

6.2. Determine the target audience and the product should be sold:

To know and choose from popular items, find out who will buy your feng shui items. Often your potential customers will fall into the 20-year-old and older segment:

  • Business people such as sales staff, small traders, shop owners, etc.
  • Business owners, companies, real estate contractors, transportation service workers often travel far, … these people often have great faith in feng shui items.
  • People from the middle class and above are passionate about feng shui products, like to collect unique and new feng shui products.

When starting a feng shui store business, you should choose for yourself a specific target audience to make it easier to target when running ads.

Target customer group Demand Suitable feng shui items
Office people, doing business Meaningful products, bring luck, money, fame to the owner. . Jewelry such as bracelets, rings, necklaces made from feng shui stones, carved in the image of mascots such as foxes, foxes, etc. Or ornamental plants, feng shui fish according to destiny can be raised in the office.
Customers belong to middle class and above The more “unique” styled unique products they have, the more they like them. Prefer types and blocks of precious stones with spiritual aura such as quartz, agate, … in the form of sculpture or monolithic. If it is a tree or feng shui fish, it must also be of a rare type such as ornamental plants, arowanas, arowanas. …

Analyzing the factors about the target customer group and their usage needs helps you find the right product for the store’s conditions. From there, bring the best effect when starting a feng shui business.

7. Make a detailed plan to start a feng shui business:

After researching the market, customers, preparing capital and sources of goods, the last thing you need to do before starting a feng shui store business is to make a plan. It will include specific goals and tasks to be done.

7.1. Determine the form of business:

The form of business greatly affects the cost as well as communication activities for the store.

Initially, if you decide to open a store, there will be an additional cost of renting space (unless you have one available). However, having a specific selling point will bring many benefits in the long run. In addition, customers will trust your products more when you have a specific store address.

feng shui cave 1

The online business form is to save space costs, suitable for those with low investment costs. Reaching target customers on online channels is also easier and more widely covered.

After operating for a while, if possible, apply both online and offline forms to complement each other and create better business efficiency.

7.2. Cultivate knowledge of feng shui:

For the items you choose to sell, you should ask the supplier to give you information about the products such as their properties, quality, value, uses or meanings. You can also search for more information online, find more interesting stories around them.

From there, accumulate knowledge about the feng shui items you sell and use them to advise customers. For customers who buy feng shui items, they like to be consulted and put their trust in sellers who have a deep understanding of feng shui items. With loyal customers, they are very likely to return to buy again and again or even refer more friends and acquaintances.

7.3. Building communication channels for the store

If opening a store, choose bustling, crowded places that will easily increase customer traffic. You can choose the direction of the shop that is suitable for your age and destiny to make your business and trade more convenient and lucky.

Feng shui items are inherently eye-catching, so the layout and design of the goods also need to be focused. You should choose the right colors including the system of shelves, cabinets, decorations, logos.

For online stores, customers search and view products online, so please upload clear images and specific information for them to choose the best way. Many products are too mass on the market, they have to find ways to make them more unique and separate such as more distinctive descriptions, more detailed images.

do you do feng shui website?

Post on fanpages, community groups, update about the understanding, value, and sacredness of all kinds of feng shui items. Running Google and Facebook ads is also a way to reach the right amount of people who are and will be in need. In addition, you can also join e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, etc.


Running a feng shui store is not easy, if you are not knowledgeable about feng shui and persistent, it will be easy to fail. So, take your time to learn and gain experience. Hope the above sharing will help you get the best preparation for your feng shui store business plan.