mmo is the way to save money and understand it

With the popularity and development of science and technology, people now not only learn information and connect with friends through the Internet, but also can make money on online – online platforms.

The following article of Malu will help you learn the most effective methods to make money online  ( MMO ). They are simple, reliable, and importantly, completely legal.

But first, let’s find out:

What is MMO?

MMO  stands for  Make Money Online , ie making money on an online platform. With only a computer, or smartphone with an Internet connection, you can completely perform simple jobs, with the goal of making money and increasing income.

There are many opinions that: MMO is not real. It is just a form of fraud and shepherding stupid “deer” on the Internet which is inherently risky. In fact, MMO is an effective form of money making and is one of the hottest trends in recent years.

Of course, to make money online, you need to be really awake, choose the right MMO method, clearly, not get bogged down in inefficient forms of making money. And especially, stay away from illegal MMO ways, banned by the state.

That’s also why Malu introduces you to 10  simple, effective and completely legal ways to make money online . Now, let’s explore:

10 simple, effective and legal ways to make money online (MMO)

1. Review website and mobile app

If you are a computer savvy person, and use many add-on applications in your daily activities, do not hesitate to use that advantage to earn money.

I present to you, the website , a website that actually pays you to express your opinion about a certain website, or mobile app.

review san pham online

If you doubt the authenticity of this website, listen to the sharing of reputable newspapers such as The New York Times, The Huffington Post or The Wall Street Journal. It only takes about 20 minutes to fill out the review, you’ve got yourself $10 (equivalent to more than 230,000 VND) to your PayPal account.

Simple and completely legal. You can actually make money by reviewing products.

2. Conduct online survey

More and more large enterprises consider market research a must. But the difficulty of businesses is how to find the right customer model to have the most accurate view of the market, helping them build and develop the best R&D, marketing and sales strategy.

receive online surveys

Your chance has come. A lot of businesses do specialized market research, like  Toluna ,  LifePoints  or  Opinion Outpost . These are completely reputable websites in ” doing surveys, receiving bonuses “.

3. Surf the web, get bonuses

Interested in surfing the web and still receive bonuses? Try to visit  – a website that helps large businesses learn about customers’ consumer behavior and web surfing.

Quick website

You just need to download the Qmee add-on right on your web browser. When you do a search for a keyword, ads will immediately appear. Your job is to click on ads that you think are interesting, and get instant money. There are no bonus limits here.

It is a very simple and effective way to make money online.

4. Become a delivery partner

Do you have idle personal vehicles (such as motorbikes, cars)? Do you also have a smartphone? So what are you waiting for without earning extra income by linking and becoming a delivery partner with famous businesses.


Today, the online delivery industry is becoming one of the hottest growth areas today. It is estimated that in 2018,  70% of urban people  in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City have called to order through online applications. The growth scale of the delivery/logistics industry can reach  a growth rate of up to 42%  from now to 2022 (in each year).

So, do not miss this opportunity to make money online, especially when you have idle transportation in hand.

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5. Affiliate Marketing

If you are a voice on social networks, own a blog or website with stable traffic, do not ignore the invitations to cooperate from businesses and brands in the form of Affiliate Marketing. This is a way to make money in the development trend of the Marketing industry in recent years.

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affiliate marketing

There are many Affiliate tools to help you connect with businesses in need, such as  Access Trade . After approaching and cooperating with partners, your job is just to write articles and receive commissions (from successful orders through your articles).

This is really a simple, effective and completely legal way to make money online.

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6. Selling used books

Are you a book and newspaper collector? But there’s not enough room left, or no interest in my books. Don’t worry, because you can absolutely make money by giving knowledge to those who need it.

do you book online?

There are many ways you can sell your old books online, like selling them through groups on Facebook, Instagram; or sell them on Amazon, Ebay, etc.

Remember: Limited edition books, first prints, precious (out-of-print) books, and books of collectible quality can all be sold for 2 or 3 times the price. their original value. This is not unethical, because the value of the book has increased many times, if its owner knows how to cherish and preserve his intellectual resources carefully.

7. Create a YouTube channel and make money from it

This is probably not a new way to make money online, but it always works. Initially, you focus on producing and uploading the best quality videos. When you have a certain audience and subscribers, you can completely make money through your videos (from the commissions that YouTube pays you through ads).

I hate youtube

If you have the ability to create quality content, love filming, cutting videos and have the ability to speak fluently, this is your opportunity to increase your income. Many people have become rich and famous from their own YouTube channel.

8. Buy and sell domains for profit

Domain is the address of a website. The domain includes the text, no accents, instant writing (such as Maludesign, Dantri, VNExpress), and the domain name extension (such as .vn, .com, .net).

It’s no coincidence that domains can make you profitable. You can absolutely buy domain names with a relatively low purchase value, but resell them at a great price if you know how to take advantage of the opportunity. For example, who would have thought that a domain name like would be offered for sale for $35 million in 2007?

buy you domain

You can search for domains for sale at reputable registrars, like  GoDaddy , or .

9. Sell high-quality stock photos

If you’re confident you’re a skilled photographer, often taking photos of aesthetic value, you can upload that photo to  Adobe Stock , or  Getty Images .

do you have stock?

When someone pays to buy the stock photos you upload, you get paid a commission by these platforms. And what is more interesting!

10. Become a freelancer

If you have the ability to write, manage a Facebook page or have a design talent, you can use your free time to do your professional work, right on the online platform.

freelancer bar

The interesting thing about a freelancer is that you are not limited by a fixed time frame, can work at the most comfortable place, and still can devote your energy to the business, community and society. More and more young people choose freelance as the next direction for their career path.

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With each new day that passes, another money-making opportunity appears. The development and popularity of the Internet has made it possible for people to make money online, with just a computer connected to the network and a smartphone.

However, the Internet is also a place that contains many pitfalls. Not all MMO work is honest and legal. It is you who must be the most alert, the most knowledgeable, to choose for yourself the appropriate steps and directions. The nature of MMO is not bad, there are only people who use the name of MMO to do indecent work.

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Hopefully, Malu’s recent sharing will show you the right way to increase your income, hone your skills, and develop your career on the online – online platform. Good luck!