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Lookbook  is a trend chosen by many fashion brands to introduce products to customers. So how to get a quality lookbook in today’s developing technology era? All necessary tips will be introduced in the article below, stay tuned.

What are lookbooks?

Lookbook  is simply understood as a set of fashion photos or videos designed based on a certain concept of a product, with creative colors and layouts for the purpose of conveying the typical values ​​of the brand.
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What are lookbooks?
A Lookbook product often comes in the form of a brochure printed on colored paper to promote a brand’s latest collection. In other words, a lookbook is like a booklet about the fashion of specific fashion brands. With the current development of the digital platform, businesses can create their lookbooks on websites, social networking sites or information channels for users to easily track new products.
lookbook helps businesses improve their reputation with users
Lookbook helps businesses introduce their products to users
In a common lookbook, not only the product of a single brand appears, the model can also combine external accessories to highlight the style and product theme that the brand wants. transmission to customers. The most common are the collections of major fashion brands when shooting outfits that will incorporate accessories such as necklaces and earrings to highlight the main product.

Benefits of lookbook

Lookbook is widely hailed as a guide to fashion. They can find trendy fashion styles, or have different combinations of ideas that apply to everyday life. With each individual lookbook product, customers will admire completely different styles, accompanied by themed products and easily choose to buy the product they like.
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You can visit the lookbook through Thuong Hieu's website
You can easily refer to the lookbook through the brand’s website

In the current 4.0 era, you can easily refer to online lookbook sets through the store’s website. Thus, you do not need to waste time to come directly and still choose for yourself the right clothes or accessories at home. With such benefits, surely no customer will refuse to refer to the eye-catching collections from the brand.

Besides bringing benefits to users, lookbooks also make it easier for businesses to introduce their products to customers. Each customer when referring to the product has their own questions such as whether the dress has other colors, is there a size to choose from, or the product size parameters, .. all can be show through your lookbook.
The problem of lookbook with business

With the lookbooks posted by the store on the website, they will contain almost all the necessary information that customers are interested in. In addition, introducing products through such a website will reach customers more easily when the use of digital platforms is increasingly popular today. This will help promote the store’s business when customers can choose to buy their favorite products through the website or facebook homepage without having to go to the place to see.

Why do customers prefer to see a lookbook rather than a normal photo?

As a fashion booklet of the brand, customers want through the lookbook to visualize and refer to how models wear and coordinate them with different accessories. As a result, they can know which products are suitable for their body shape, preferences or style and choose to buy more easily.

With the current trend of preferring to buy things online, customers often buy things based on sight and emotion. If a lookbook touches the interests and styles that customers pursue, it will easily conquer them and the likelihood of them buying will be higher. Buyers sometimes just click on the image and buy just because they find a similarity between them and your lookbook theme and image. Of course, buyers will be even more satisfied if they can find products online that match the quality and what you show through the lookbook. Therefore, make sure the product you advertise is as close to reality as possible so that you do not have to receive backlash from customers.
Why do customers like to see lookbooks more than you chup Binh thuong?

4 Tips to design an impressive lookbook

A  quality lookbook  does not necessarily cost too much. However, if your business is large and ready to invest “all the way” for your product, then all you need to do is unleash your creativity to bring a really good final product.
4 tips for designing a beautiful lookbook

Here are 4 essential and useful tips for you to easily design an impressive lookbook:

Define your brand correctly

The first thing you need to do when starting to design a lookbook is to correctly identify your brand. More specifically, you need to know who is the target business customer?, Who will buy your product?, What is the age and style that this collection is aimed at?,… These are all basic information but play an important role in determining whether your product reaches the right and wide range of customers or not.
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Define your brand correctly
When starting to design a lookbook, you need to have a clear understanding of your brand as well as your brand orientation to be able to convey that message to customers through your design. If you pay a large amount of money but do not show the spirit and main content of the product that the business wants to target, it will not be able to bring an impressive product and not stimulate the buying demand of customers. row.

Aesthetic thinking of the lookbook designer

The designer’s aesthetic thinking is the factor that determines whether your lookbook is attractive and has a “soul”. What you need to focus on when designing is how to make the product stand out, impressive and eye-catching so that they just need to glance at it to see the special features of the product. No matter how much attention to detail, but the main content is the product you want to resell is not prominent enough, your customers are also very easy to skim through quickly.
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Aesthetic thinking of the lookbook designer
A standard lookbook needs to show the product subject, without too many cumbersome details. Products placed in the center in a simple and subtle background will easily attract the attention of customers. To do this skillfully and conveniently, the designer’s aesthetic thinking will decide everything.

Identify the most outstanding

If you pay attention, you will see that next to the middle frames containing the product, there will be small detailed close-up photos that customers will notice. For example, when designing a lookbook for a party dress, the small image can be beads attached to the skirt, a stylized neck to create accents or fun cartoon motifs on a t-shirt, etc. Customers will easily See the bright highlights on the product and decide whether to buy them or not.

Identify highlights
During the design process, the layout of the main image and the minor details need to be arranged reasonably so that the viewers can easily identify the highlights of the product. Usually, a lookbook design image will have 1 large image containing the entire product, accompanied by 2-3 small detailed photos next to it. A balanced layout will make your design more prominent, easy to convince customers and bring what customers are looking for.

Create a separate story for the collection

In addition to beautiful images and clear logical layout, the overall product is what brings emotions to viewers. With each of your products, write a little story about the inspiration behind creating this collection. This is the difference to create sympathy as well as make it easier for customers to love and be in tune with your product.
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Create a separate story for the collection

Lookbook products are gradually becoming more popular and accepted by customers in many different ways. Hopefully the information in the article will help you refer to the necessary tips to focus more on your lookbook design as well as find a personal style to easily convey the message of the product.