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One fine day, the ringing of the phone wakes you up. But this is not an ordinary bell, it signals your bank account has just increased by a few million.

Surprised, then excited, happy. Making money in dreams is real? It’s entirely possible with  Affiliate Marketing  – a very hot marketing trend in recent times. Affiliate marketing  allows you to promote your partner’s products through your network of connections, and earn commissions based on your Marketing efforts.

Sounds interesting! So what is the essence of Affiliate Marketing? How does it work? How to get rich from  affiliate marketing ? Let’s find out together.

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1. What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing  ( affiliate marketing ) is a form of making money based on the promotion and communication of a partner’s products / services. You choose the products and services you like, promote them through existing communication channels, and receive a commission on the total revenue that partners receive from your Marketing activities.

What is affiliate marketing?

Overall,  Affiliate Marketing  is a network of cooperation between related parties, to promote, communicate and promote sales activities for specific products / services. The above partnership is based on a share of the revenue generated by the network.

In the age of industry 4.0, you can fully take advantage of the online platform to join and develop your affiliate marketing network.  This is one of the most prominent online earning trends  in recent times.

2. Affiliate Marketing Parties

In  affiliate marketing , there are 4 components involved, including:

Producer (The Merchant)

The manufacturer (also known as the manufacturer, the product manufacturer, …) is the unit that creates the product / service. Manufacturers can be large enterprises (such as Sunhouse, Fahasa, ..), or small and medium sized. Anyone can become a production link in the Affiliate Marketing chain.

The Affiliate (The Affiliate)

A product promoter (also known as The Affiliate / The Publisher) is an independent unit that communicates and promotes products / services in the network. This unit can simultaneously market one to many products in the network, can make a lot of money from the commissions they receive.

There are many ways that a product promoter can market products in the network, such as:

Create a blog that specializes in product / service reviews:

review san pham

Set up a website specializing in introducing and selling the hottest products on the market today:

beautiful model

The Network (The Network)

This is the bridge linking the manufacturer and the product promoter. There are quite a few platforms created to act as intermediaries for many Affiliate Marketing networks, like  AccessTrade , or  ClickBank .

access trade

Usually, the party acting as the network often provides a lot of campaigns for  The Affiliate  to learn and research. Once they have selected a product / service they like, they will register and start promoting and communicating for that campaign, directly on  The Network’s platform.

The Customer (The Customer)

The customer is the person who directly uses the product of the manufacturer, and is the main recipient of the message from the product promoter.

Without this audience, there will be no commissions flowing into the pockets of affiliates in the affiliate marketing network.

3. 4 steps to make money online from Affiliate Marketing

We have had an overview of Affiliate Marketing, here is a 4-step process for you to make money online from Affiliate Marketing – affiliate marketing:

#1: Product review on Marketing channels

The first thing you need to do, is to find products / services from manufacturers, and choose the one that you feel is promising. Wandering through reputable networks can help you find the right product to promote.

Why did you shoot a video review of the san pham

Then you use your marketing platforms to review the product. There are different methods for you to choose from:

  • Review through the content on your Blog.
  • Review via video on YouTube.
  • Review products through groups on Facebook.
  • Write articles on guest blogging, forums, websites, other social networking platforms, etc.

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You can use one or more of the above communication channels for review activities. How to choose an effective communication channel depends a lot on how you determine where the customer’s starting point in the  experience journey map is .

Note , although  the method of  conveying the message may be different,  the message content  between the methods must be the same.

For example, if you say product A can help you lose 5 kg in 2 weeks, then this information must be used correctly across all communication channels, such as blog content, YouTube videos or group reviews. Facebook.

After creating media content, don’t forget to put an  Affiliate link  so that the producer can track your article. Use methods such as creating Product Link, Deep Link, Promotion Link, Banner Link, …. Plugin platforms that support WordPress websites/blogs like  WooCommerce  can help you with this.

#2: Make a mailing list of potential customers

You probably already know: Email is one of the most effective marketing channels today. So do not rush to ignore this tool.

Here are 3 ways that can help you to collect mail from your Website/blog visitors:

Bar appears at the top of the page

You can grab the reader’s attention with a bar with promotional content displayed at the top of the Web page.

hello bar

From here, there are many ways for you to collect mail from readers, such as providing ebooks, subscribing to read new articles daily, providing academic videos, etc.

Hello Bar  is a tool that can help you do this. The application is provided as a plugin, which can be easily integrated into the WordPress platform.

Set up an “exit gate”

When readers want to leave your website/blog page, a popup window appears. You can use this window for Facebook page likes, landing page pointers, calls to action, and more.

pop up


The sidebar can contain a lot of information that you can leverage to collect user emails and calls to action from them.


After you have a mailing list, send reasonable email content to this potential customer.

Of course, you need to clearly define what the purpose they provide you with mail is (receive ebooks, subscribe to new articles, …), and cleverly integrate sales content into the mail. Don’t put sales first. Because good content motivates customers to take action.

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#3: Use live streaming to navigate customers

Now you have in hand the number of customers who have a need for the product / service. There is a very effective way to navigate and educate customers according to the purpose you have defined, and that is live streaming.

Example: Your phone is too old. You want to consult sources to buy a new smartphone. Which mode of information influences your purchasing decision more?

  1. Read the blog review
  2. Watch live product experience videos.

I am sure, you will choose option 2. This is the most effective way for you to promote, navigate and convince customers to buy products.

live stream

There are many tools that can help you do this, like the Hangout function right in Google.

And now, your job is just to prepare the script for the live stream. During the conversation, you must definitely mention the following aspects for the product:

  • Features of the product/service you want to promote.
  • Point out  product differences .
  • Talk about the pros and cons of the product/service.
  • Your experience using the product.
  • Answer customer inquiries.

#4: Optimize revenue with PPC

If the steps above help you find the right client file. Paid advertising (PPC) can help you expand your market and optimize revenue. With this tool, you can:

  • Attract more mailing lists from interested people.
  • Direct them to the live streaming.
  • Lead those in need to point directly to the target content.


Affiliate Marketing is a form of marketing that helps you connect with manufacturers in need, communicate product messages to potential customers, motivate them to buy, and receive a percentage of commission on the product. revenue.

There are many affiliate networks you can join, like AcessTrade, ClickBank or Amazon Affiliate. To make money online through affiliate marketing, you need to communicate that product on your media platform, build a solid customer data file, and expand your customer network through display advertising (PPC). .

Affiliate Marketing is really an effective marketing method, an inevitable development trend in the 4.0 technology era. Hopefully the article has provided the necessary information to help you confidently join an affiliate marketing network in the future.

Good luck!