Duplex paper is one of the commonly used coated paper, with a smooth coated surface, good ink adhesion, widely used in printing labels and decals. 

1. What is Duplex Paper?

What is Duplex Paper?

Duplex paper  is a type of paper produced on a high-class surface coating technology line, one side is glossy and one side is not glossy, quite thick and hard. Because of such characteristics, this type of paper is often used for products that require high rigidity, firmness or large-sized paper boxes.

In particular, Duplex paper is quite thick and does not “eat ink”. Paper is made by pressing two layers of paper together. The two sides of duplex paper can differ in both ink color and texture.

Duplex shoes are very useful in the printing industry
Duplex paper template

Duplex Paper Types

According to characteristics, Duplex paper is usually divided into 2 types:

  • Duplex paper 1 side: is a glossy coated paper on 1 side. The weight of single-sided Duplex paper is usually 210g/m2.
  • Duplex paper 2 sides: are 2 sides of paper using coating technology on the surface. The weight of 2-sided duplex paper is usually over 250g/m2.

According to origin, Duplex paper includes 2 types:

  • Duplex Hansol Paper; Seha; Shinpoong; Hanchang: As a paper product of Korean origin, the product has high whiteness and stable surface stability and is reasonably priced. This is also the main paper line our company is distributing. In addition, there are many types of Duplex paper imported directly in countries such as China; Japan, Indonesia…
  • Viet Tri Duplex Paper: Is a high-class product made in Vietnam, the product has a stable supply volume in the domestic market, good price.

Duplex Paper Weight

Usually, the most popular duplex paper is in the range of duplex paper from 250gsm – 500gsm.

Paper weight in g/m2: that is, according to the weight of a sheet of paper with an area of ​​1m2.

For example, when it says 500 duplex paper, it means that 1 sheet of 1m2 paper has a weight of 500g.

Duplex Paper Size

95cm – 109cm – 110cm per roll or size 79x109cm per sheet of Duplex paper.

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Brown Duplex Paper

2. Characteristics of Duplex paper


Duplex paper has the following advantages:

    • Products printed on Duplex paper produce many bright, diverse, delicate and luxurious colors.
    • Duplex paper catches ink well, easy to print on surfaces such as:  printing labels ; print logo; product information; business information,…
  • Duplex paper is quite hard, suitable for luxury and polite bags and gift boxes.
  • Duplex paper is sold in large rolls of 95cm or cut each sheet with different sizes.


  • Because the paper has a high hardness, it is thick, so when printing does not bring the desired effect.
  • Need to process lamination when making Duplex paper boxes to make the finished product more beautiful.

3. Application of Duplex paper in the printing industry

With characteristics such as thick and sturdy, Duplex paper is very popular in the printing and packaging industries. Duplex paper has won great trust from customers because of its special features that no other paper has. Currently, packaging made of Duplex paper is one of the main areas of low-cost printing workshops. Duplex paper is very widely used.

Duplex paper is highly glossy, produces beautiful colors, so it is often used in printing paper boxes. Duplex paper is often used to print packaging for products such as: printing cake boxes; cosmetic box printing; medicine box printing; printed gift boxes…

Duplex paper is also widely used in carton printing; hard carton box, etc. Besides, Duplex paper also has the ability to print envelopes; Print the cover file thanks to the large paper weight, high hardness.

Duplex shoes are useful in the printing industry
Duplex Paper Applications

Most packaging products printed with  Offset printing technology  require hardness and durability and Duplex paper can meet these requirements. When printed on Duplex paper, it will be very good in terms of aesthetics. However, the ink adhesion of Duplex paper is not high, so it may be stained. Therefore, after printing on Duplex paper, it should be laminating to achieve the best effect.

If you intend to print product boxes or make cartons, you can choose this type of paper because it is sturdy and cheap. If you want to print luxury gift publications, need gloss, you can also use Duplex paper, but in this case, using  Couche  or  Ivory paper  will be more suitable.

Duplex paper packaging is not only suitable for many different sizes, but they also have a very good product protection feature. Therefore, businesses should consider choosing this type of paper when they need to produce packaging for their products.