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A marketing plan for businesses is necessary because it helps businesses navigate and develop strategies to reach and attract customers.

What is a Package Marketing Service?

Marketing package service  is a service on behalf of businesses in charge (planning, implementing, measuring and reporting) marketing activities on all channels, all aspects of  Marketing Online . Hiring a marketing package means that you need a team of experts to do the work of a Marketing department. For small and medium-sized businesses that are initially not market and customer oriented, do not have enough potential and cost to operate a separate Marketing department, the use of package marketing service packages is the most optimal choice. .

It’s time to stop doing it all on your own, stop wasting your budget on marketing activities that don’t work. Malu – Vietnam’s leading prestigious package online marketing service with 5+ years of practical experience will help your business develop in the right direction. We assist in consulting and building long-term marketing strategies as well as providing suggestions for specific marketing campaigns.

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Malu – We are experienced professionals

Malu was born in 2019, with a modern digital platform and seasoned expertise of its staff, which has marked the satisfaction of many businesses when implementing Marketing Online services. We have been providing businesses with separate Online Marketing strategies, focusing on effectiveness and suitable for each stage of the customer journey.

With the right research, research and strategic direction from the beginning, combined with the process of data analysis and constant optimization, Malu  is the partner that accompanies businesses on the path of branding and increasing growth. sustainable growth at the most reasonable cost.

What Package Marketing Services Can Do For You

At Malu, we provide 2 Package Marketing Services  : dedicated consulting and quality implementation. Both are performed by a team of professionals and highly trained professionals. From there, design a suitable and optimal online marketing implementation roadmap for businesses, and completely eliminate activities that do not bring practical benefits.

Malu provides a package marketing solution for each category

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Real estate

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Intensive Online Marketing Strategy

Putting the success of our customers as the goal, we put all our heart into each campaign to design a suitable marketing strategy for each business model. Committed to growing user, Brand and revenue metrics according to a detailed roadmap.

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Our team

We are a team of experts with diverse perspectives, in-depth analysis of every issue for strategic goals and creative passion to design the best experience for your brand.


Service process in Malu

At Malu, we apply a strict, scientific and collaborative process to ensure the success of the project.


Malu receives requests, researches the market, target customers, products, services and businesses to propose solutions and strategies.


Malu detailed plans and prepared the necessary resources for the project.


Carry out the works according to the signed items


Malu sends content options to receive feedback and edit as required


Complete the PR plan as well as resources to support the PR plan, packaging to prepare for handing over to the business.


Malu cooperates with businesses to hand over and take over the PR planning items according to the signed contract.


Always ready to accompany and support businesses after completing the project. Launch PR campaign (On demand)

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“You have a vision, Malu has experience in consulting & execution. I believe the results will break the limit.”

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What customers say about Malu Design

4.8 stars from 163 reviews

nguyen van hai

Van Hai Gym

I feel that choosing Malu Design is a very right decision, I myself find it quite difficult, especially with my company’s media publications or brand identity, but when working with Malu Design I am very surprise with the ability to capture ideas, convey messages with high aesthetics in design and creativity. Wish Malu Design team more success!

Nguyen Van Hai

CEO/Vietnam Boxing Champion

Erwin R. Popov

Hanoi Daewoo Hotel

Hanoi Daewoo Hotel is very satisfied with the professional and enthusiastic working style of Malu Design staff.

In particular, Hanoi Daewoo Hotel would like to thank the members of the design team for their efforts in creating a design product that has both value in form and meaning. Wish Malu Design more and more development.

Erwin R. Popov

General Manager

le anh ngoc

At Grupa Restaurant

On behalf of Lagrupa, I would like to sincerely thank Malu Design for accompanying Lagrupa since its inception.

It is very right to choose Malu Design because of its enthusiastic and well-trained staff, I am very satisfied with your company’s service. We hope to work together on future projects.

Le Anh Ngoc



Frequently asked questions

Online Marketing (or Online Marketing / Internet Marketing) is a form of online advertising through various channels such as: Website, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Content Marketing, Social Media, … and combined together into one strategy with clear goals and KPIs attached.

All businesses must focus on building and developing the company in the current difficult period. Therefore,  the Package Marketing Service  gives your business a  professional Digital Marketing solution  , saving costs compared to building a marketing department and optimizing human resources.

You should use  the Package Online Marketing Service  if you fall into the following cases:

  • – Business activity is stagnant. The old sales channels no longer prove effective.
  • Want to find new sales channels, reach new customers. Or when your business wants to expand the customer file.
  • – When you notice that your competitors have done Online Marketing and are successful. That is also what you want for your business.
  • The cost of traditional marketing activities is too large but the efficiency is not high. Thus making you less competitive with competitors.
  • Self-deployment takes a long time. Or always leave the Website, Fanpage in a sluggish state, not seeing a shadow on Google.
  • – It is impossible to measure which Online Marketing channels are effective while deploying too many channels. For example, running ads is not effective, doing SEO but not seeing the top …

Package Marketing services  include jobs related to Online Marketing, specifically as follows:

  • – Consulting, researching and planning online marketing, understanding the market and competitors in the same field. Then build a development budget and implement an appropriate and effective online marketing strategy.
  • – Manage content of fanpage, website, write content, design, edit images, post, take care and develop fanpage and website.
  • – Use management tools such as SEO-SEM, Social Media, Email Marketing, banner, pop-up, … to run ads.
  • – Synthesize, research and report, analyze the results achieved.

If you are tired of investing in marketing campaigns that have no direction, or do not have the budget to hire senior staff, or simply do not have enough time for marketing, Marketing Consulting Services specializes in marketing. A business that combines strategic, creative and data-driven thinking will give you a perfect solution to fill that gap.

Malu will send you a form to fill in the information, after receiving the campaign description from you, we need 24 hours to discuss and understand the marketing needs of the business, then we will quote and submit proposals.

That depends on the current state of your business’s Online Marketing. We will work with you to delve into, analyze and find a solution and implement it as soon as possible.

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