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Malu offers customized Social Media Management & Marketing Services packages that help businesses build brand awareness,

Spread the brand on social networks with Social Media Marketing

If you want to build a strong brand and products to reach more users, you must definitely rely on Social Media Marketing.

Malu does not recommend that you depend on social media marketing, we only encourage you to utilize its benefits in branding, marketing and sales.

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Social Media is a strategic marketing channel in the 4.0 era

According to the latest statistics on social network users in Vietnam:

44% of users admit their shopping behavior is influenced by social media channels.

66% of Facebook users say they prefer to follow brands on the platform.

90% of Instagram users enjoy interacting with brands they love.

70% of LinkedIn users are senior influencers and decision makers using products/services.

Businesses have difficulty implementing Social Media Marketing


There are not enough resources to build strategies and manage the Social Marketing multi-channel system.


HR does not have enough expertise to create content on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.


Content does not have much interaction and does not reach many users on social networks.

Malu’s social network management service

Helping businesses seize opportunities for rapid growth on popular social networking platforms in Vietnam.


Undertake 4C research, this is a solid basis for further decisions:

  • Category – Industry analysis
  • Company – Current status of business, brand
  • Competitor – Competitor
  • Consumer – Target consumer
Build an EFFECTIVE content strategy

Work closely with businesses to accurately locate target demographics of social channels.

Determine the desired communication message and conversion goals of the business.

Orient and build short-term and long-term content strategies to effectively convey brand messages.

Develop content that attracts interaction

Create useful, trending content that makes readers “stop” interacting.
Convey brand messages consistently to make a lasting impression on customers.
Clear calls to action and increase the likelihood of conversions according to your business goals.


Benefit from massive reach and advanced targeting with paid advertising.
Increase visibility – Increase your competitive edge over your competitors.
Attract “real” and “quality” interactions and nurture potential customers for your business.


Malu closely monitors the client’s campaign to ensure the effectiveness of each article category.
Measure the performance, engagement rates, and conversions of articles to optimize content to meet media goals.

Periodic performance reports

Report stats of campaign content and performance by week, month, quarter and year.
Evaluate the effectiveness of social media marketing strategies and then make appropriate adjustments in the Social Marketing plan.

The process of implementing a Social Media Marketing campaign

We define and understand campaign goals. Whatever the campaign objective, it’s crucial for us to steer the ship in the right direction and smoothly.

Social advertising is a way to see how people have seen and interacted with a post. From the right way of advertising, it is reasonable to give optimal results.

Specify exactly what time, day, month and how many posts/day will be posted. At the same time, we will define messages, topics, outlines and ideas on a schedule.

After we have written the article according to the plan, we will schedule it in advance so that everything is ready before the official “airtime”. Being prepared in advance helps your brand not to miss important events.

We are ready to support customer care by responding to their comments under each post. You should not forget these people because these are the most potential customers.

Analyze to see which gives better results. We won’t waste your time and budget on things that don’t work and also adjust for subsequent campaigns.


Break through the limit with an explosive, innovative brand launch campaign.

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Quotation for social network management service

  • Content planning
  • Optimize account (avatar, cover banner, intro…)
  • 8 content posts/month
  • The set of photos posted for each post
  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Target audience analysis
  • Content planning
  • Optimize account (avatar, cover banner, intro…)
  • 12 content posts/month
  • The set of photos posted for each post
  • Monthly work report
  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Target audience analysis
  • Content planning
  • Optimize account (avatar, cover banner, intro…)
  • 16 content posts/month
  • The set of photos posted for each post
  • 16 Gifs, Animations/month
  • Monthly/quarterly mini-games
  • Sync Zalo OA
  • Branded content guidelines
  • Image standards
  • Monthly work report


– Contract signed by year and pay at least every 3 months with Premium package; Every 6 months with the remaining packages.

– Cost does not include VAT and media production costs (Video, TVC, Corporate images).

Our team

We are a team of experts with diverse perspectives, in-depth analysis of every issue for strategic goals and creative passion to design the best experience for your brand.


Process of managing social networks in Malu

At Malu, we apply a strict, scientific and collaborative process to ensure the success of the project.


Malu receives requests, conducts surveys and researches the goals of building social networks of businesses


Malu consults solutions, plans to manage social networks specifically according to the needs of businesses


Prepare content to serve the target audience and build the brand orientation of the business


Malu sends content options to receive feedback and edit as required


Malu conducts administrative activities based on approved content


Malu conducts reports, analyzes the effectiveness of activities, content and implements improvement plans


Malu and the enterprise conduct handover & acceptance of items according to the signed social network management contract


Ready to support and accompany businesses in long-term brand building activities.

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“You have a vision, Malu has experience in consulting & execution. I believe the results will break the limit.”

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nguyen van hai

Van Hai Gym

I feel that choosing Malu Design is a very right decision, I myself find it quite difficult, especially with my company’s media publications or brand identity, but when working with Malu Design I am very surprise with the ability to capture ideas, convey messages with high aesthetics in design and creativity. Wish Malu Design team more success!

Nguyen Van Hai

CEO/Vietnam Boxing Champion

Erwin R. Popov

Hanoi Daewoo Hotel

Hanoi Daewoo Hotel is very satisfied with the professional and enthusiastic working style of Malu Design staff.

In particular, Hanoi Daewoo Hotel would like to thank the members of the design team for their efforts in creating a design product that has both value in form and meaning. Wish Malu Design more and more development.

Erwin R. Popov

General Manager

le anh ngoc

At Grupa Restaurant

On behalf of Lagrupa, I would like to sincerely thank Malu Design for accompanying Lagrupa since its inception.

It is very right to choose Malu Design because of its enthusiastic and well-trained staff, I am very satisfied with your company’s service. We hope to work together on future projects.

Le Anh Ngoc



Frequently asked questions

Social network management is the activity of building and developing social networks according to clear goals (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Zalo…)

Activities include:

        • Set up social networks according to brand identity standards
        • Develop content that caters to your target audience
        • Develop content for business goals
        • Handling situations that arise
        • Develop performance metrics (growth, reach, engagement, etc.)
        • And many other activities depending on specific needs

Have. Please contact Malu immediately at Hotline: 0988 622 991 or fill out a consultation application form. Malu’s team will contact you as soon as possible and bring the solutions that best suit your needs.

Entirely possible. Malu builds STARTER, PRO, ENTERPRISE packages for your reference.

Please contact Malu immediately at Hotline: 0988 622 991 or fill out a consultation application form. Malu’s team will contact you as soon as possible and discuss with you to build the most suitable service package.

Malu uses general social network metrics such as (interactions, reactions, reach, shares…) to assess the quality of content.

In addition, other indicators will be built according to your specific needs.

Have. Malu is always ready to deliver content tailored to your specific needs.

Contact hotline  0988 622 991  for specific advice.

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