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Getting rich in the countryside is a concept that is no longer strange to everyone in recent years. But what business should be unique and make a lot of money is a question many people still wonder about.

To answer the question  of what to do in the countryside , Malu will share with you effective business ideas for you to refer to to implement in your countryside.

#first. Bonsai business in the countryside

In big cities, the demand for ornamental plants is very high. They use ornamental plants both to decorate and beautify, while creating a natural and cool green environment. However, growing bonsai in the city – where the land is crowded with people is a very difficult thing to do.

However, for rural areas, this is an advantage. In rural areas with large fertile land, there are a large number of human resources with industrious and skillful qualities.

spicy soup tai que business

Therefore, focusing on developing models of production and product consumption in developed places is a sustainable business strategy for startups. The increasing demand for ornamental plants of urban people to create green space for homes and offices.

Plants and flowers grown in small jars or in water are now popular and enjoyed by many people. Therefore, if you can develop this business model in the countryside to get good products, they will be ready to withdraw their wallets immediately.

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#2. Sales of household electrical goods

If you are wondering what to trade in the countryside to make an effective profit, the answer is definitely household electrical appliances. The spiritual and material life in rural areas is being increasingly focused and facilitated for development. Electricity, roads, schools and stations have been gradually completed in remote rural areas.

Therefore, household electrical goods such as televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. are indispensable products for the needs of people. Seizing the opportunity and developing this industry will make it easy for you to start a successful business in your home country.

You are welcome to eat and drink

However, to invest in this field, you need a small and stable capital to ensure a diverse and quality source of goods. Along with that is good customer service, installation, free shipping, guaranteed warranty service and customer gratitude promotions.

If you ensure the above criteria, your store will surely receive the attention of many customers, making your business more and more convenient.

#3. Beauty service business

If you are wondering ” What shop to open in the countryside “, Beauty Salon is one of the most classic answers. If you are a person with a little aptitude for aesthetics, take advantage of it and hone and learn more to be able to start a business in rural beauty services.

The demand for beauty of women is increasing day by day. They care about beauty and appearance to be more confident in daily communication and work development.

business service to make beautiful and slim

Therefore, the idea of ​​​​business beauty services in the countryside is not a bad idea. You can go to big cities to learn about hairdressing, nail art, beauty spa… Then go back to your hometown and open your own salon and start a business in the countryside.

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#4. Raising chickens – A popular business model in the countryside

Farming and animal husbandry are the two most popular occupations in rural areas. However, most people still only develop according to household size, self-sufficiency, but do not have many large development models to get rich.

my mother

In terms of the current market situation, the amount of chickens being supplied to the market every day are industrial chickens of poor quality, not to mention many traders who want to make quick profits have injected chickens with harmful chemicals. harmful. People nowadays are also very concerned about health issues.

Therefore, the business idea of ​​raising good quality chickens will help you have higher and more stable profits. Of course, to develop  this business model  , you need to invest some capital and time to go to professional breeding school instead of spontaneously as today.

#5. Open a children’s play area

Today, when the economy is growing, parents are more and more interested in their children, wanting their children to be comprehensively developed is an indispensable need of every family. However, the pace of life in the countryside is still quite quiet and there are few modern entertainment activities.

So if you start a play business model for children in the countryside, it will be “fertile land” for you to harvest.

a play area for children

What you need to pay attention to is how to design games for children that are new, attractive, diverse and rich, and each game has its own development meaning such as personal capacity development, spiritual teammates, creative thinking, meticulous and careful training…

#6. Open a motorcycle and car repair shop

Motorcycles and cars are popular means of transportation. Currently, every home has at least 1 motorbike to travel, but they have absolutely no experience or furniture to repair themselves. Therefore, the need for repair and warranty needs to be found anywhere, not only in the city or in the countryside.

I have a car that's too big

Customers in this group often have a tendency to turn around, that is, if a customer comes to your shop to repair once and is satisfied, they will continue to come back for the next failure and may also recommend. people come to your store.

Therefore, you need to build a reputation for yourself and the store. However, to develop this industry, you also need to invest in skills and choose a suitable location large enough to meet customer needs.

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#7. Open an English class in the countryside

Foreign languages ​​and especially English have become a mandatory condition for development in the modern 4.0 era. Thanks to schools and mass media, today almost every family is aware of the importance of learning a foreign language.

So if in the countryside where you live, there are not or are few and quality English classes, you should be a pioneer and develop the model of opening English classes. You can be the manager and hire quality teachers to teach to attract students in the area around your hometown.

I can't speak English

This field is considered as a business model that not only brings profits for yourself but also has the meaning of developing the homeland, creating good learning conditions for children.

#8. Build a farm, grow organic vegetables

Nowadays, when food hygiene and safety is a top priority and dirty food is always a painful problem in society, the choice of clean food and safe origin is more and more popular. valued consumers. The development and business of clean food brings great economic value and is extremely suitable for the era of globalization.

grind the pearls in vegetables huu co

With the advantage of large land area, fertile land, it will be very suitable for you to build a model of growing clean vegetables to supply and trade this item. Saying no 100% to the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, .. and increasing awareness of the issue of clean food, this will be a profitable and extremely useful business model.

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#9. Grocery store business in the countryside

Nowadays, people’s demand for consumer goods is increasing not only in urban areas but also in rural areas. So, opening a grocery store is not a bad business idea and can be highly profitable.

flower shop business

To run a grocery business, you need a suitable business location such as a densely populated place and a busy route such as a market, school, or hospital.

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#ten. Garment business in the countryside

Clothing is a basic human need. With not too high a price but customers can sew according to their own will, this is a potential business model in the countryside. With outsourcing can be developed in the countryside, it is very important to boldly invest in machinery and open a sewing factory to both develop the family economy and create jobs for people in the vicinity. Good.

listen to your ears and listen to them

Model has the ability to grow, plus work if you are skilled. Then this will be a workable profession for you to make money from.

Above are a few suggestions for effective business in the countryside. Hope this article has given you some suggestions to do in your own country. Good luck!


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