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If in a decade ago, the trend was only “to eat well, dress well”, but in the past few years, that trend has gradually transformed into “clean eating, fashionable clothes”. To attract product purchases and turn new customers into loyal customers, fashion brands in the market accelerate their reach channels and customer acquisition strategies.

Not only the strategy, promotional activities, but right from entering the fashion market, they spend a big investment on designing the logo for the brand. This will be a reminder image and attached on each tag of each product.

lvl logo
Logo images of famous fashion brands that always know how to make a difference
  • Why do consumers often remember and mention some famous brands in the world quickly?
  • Why can customers name the brand when they only see the logo without the brand name on it?

The popularity of the brand that makes consumers remember is undeniable, but the brand logo symbol plays a significant role in capturing the memory of customers and motivating consumers to buy the product.

In the face of fierce competition between a series of clothing stores and fashion brands, if you want to stand out, you need to create an impression and trust in users. The logo is the face of the brand, the first thing for customers to look at and evaluate whether your clothing store is unique and different from other stores. Especially in the fashion industry, an area that is very prone to piracy, owning a  logo design  will help you have a loyal and stable customer base.

3 notes when designing fashion logos, clothing shop logos

The fashion industry logo design notes  will help your Logo have an impressive look, a distinct brand system and high applicability in product processing or label printing.

1. Positioning target customers

Before designing a logo, businesses need to collect information about their target customers. In the fashion industry there are 5 main segments which are:

  • Haute Couture:  This is the most high-end fashion segment that requires all the needlework to the material of the product to be made by hand.
  • Luxury:  The ready-to-wear segment is a high-end product that needs to be invested in from the seam to the media image.
  • Mid-end:  Products in this segment have reasonable prices, are mass-produced, but still ensure quality.
  • Mass Market:  Large-scale production, serving people’s daily clothing needs, aiming for a large market share.
  • Value Market:  Cheap fashion

Each customer segment will have its own logo, so businesses need to invest carefully in the design phase.

2. Show brand personality

(Fashion brand Lacoste uses a crocodile image to represent a strong brand personality and quality)
(Fashion brand Lacoste uses a crocodile image to represent a strong brand personality and quality)

Logo is the way to express the brand personality clearly. Because when looking at the logo, consumers can recognize how the brand is, modern, youthful or mature and serious.

3. High applicability 

but still have the same logo design on page 5
(The application is very high when the Gucci logo is used as a badge on the bag product)

The fashion industry logo is not only printed with the name of the company’s media publications, but also printed or embroidered right on the products (pants, shirts, scarves, …) and sold widely.

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Fashion logo design

Women’s fashion logo

bell tailorAnna Wolf
When creating a fashion logo aimed at a female target audience, the first design element to consider is color.
According to color psychology, color helps your brand connect with your target audience on a deeper psychological and emotional level. When you choose a color scheme for your logo, you are also choosing the emotions you want to evoke.
Take a look at the 2 logos above, created with our logo maker. The subdued purple used in Anna Wolf’s logo and the deep red in Bell & Tailor’s logo are both great examples of how to use color to reach your target audience.

Men’s fashion logo

rhone logohuckberry logo
If you’re looking to appeal to a male target audience, an important design element to think about is typography.
Fonts can elicit specific responses and create unique associations with a brand. Each type of font has its own psychological meaning that you should take into account when creating your fashion logo.
For example, slab serif fonts are bold and feel confident, trustworthy, and secure thanks to bold lines and less-than-subtle sans serifs. You can see how the Huckberry logo conveys a sense of masculinity through their slab serif font.

Kids fashion logo – Kid Fashion

honey booprimary logo
A surefire way to attract a young audience to your fashion logo is through a logo. A logo is a symbol that communicates certain ideas and makes them recognizable.
There are many different types of icons, but picture icons like bees work great! Or, you can choose to create a custom icon like the green ‘P’ shape of Elementary. Both of these are great examples of how an icon can capture the attention of a younger audience.


Fashion designers specialize in a particular field or category. Based on your expertise, certain design elements will suit you better than others.
Let’s look at a few examples of fashion designer specialties and the logos that go with them.

Sports fashion logo – Athleisure

jessica craigcheetas
Athleisure or sportswear brands have a lot of room for creativity with their logo design. The Cheeta Sportswear logo uses a mix of colors, typography, and icons to highlight their niche. Everything from the bold red and the running leopard to the 2 different fonts tell us this is a brand that offers long-lasting and reliable sportswear.
In contrast, Jessica Craig’s logo paints a very different picture! The iconic woman in a bowed position (which is really hard to do IRL) and earthy tones convey a more relaxed feel.

Vintage fashion logo – Vintage

tiger bayherschel logo 1
Vintage clothing brands need to convey their message loud and clear through their logo. This is why so many vintage logos have a weathered look, often with a simple color palette and dull or muted colors.
Script fonts work well for vintage brands because it evokes creativity, freedom, and a sense of antiquity.

Fashion designer logo – Designer

rm fashionlaura fashion designer
Typographic logos or wordmarks are logos created entirely with one font. Most design brands use their names or initials as logos. Just check out the above 2 examples by Laura Gurem and RM Fashion on how you can implement your signature style in a logo.
Another style worth noting is the minimalism in fashion logos. Minimalist designs hold a power that excessive colors, images, shapes, etc. cannot. The right use of text and fonts can give a sophisticated, modern aesthetic.

Streetwear Logo – Streetwear

Stussy logoBAPE logo
Urban and modern but casual and laid-back—streetwear brands need a logo that encompasses all of their style and more.
A streetwear brand logo should focus or highlight one element. So if you are going to be bold with the font, let that be the sole focus of the logo design. If you look at the example above, you’ll see that the logo looks like graffiti on a city wall.
You can also use an icon as your logo, but you’ll want to create an image with a twist, such as a gorilla wearing sunglasses.

Fashion logo – Techwear

encircled logoboho bird
Techwear brands aim to make sustainable shopping accessible to everyone. These brands should stick with clean, neat, and technological designs. In terms of color palette, black and white tones work best; general rule of thumb is to use 2 colors (maximum 3).
I really like Boho Bird’s logo because they used their business name to inspire their logo design and color scheme.

Refer to more fashion logo samples

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design malu fashion logo design 130894360
design malu fashion logo design 130835904
design malu fashion logo design 130542183
design malu fashion logo design 130022748
design malu fashion logo design 122088959
design malu fashion logo design 120678281
malu fashion logo design 117509420
design malu fashion logo design 117094988
design malu fashion logo design 116588964
design malu fashion logo design 115622652
malu fashion logo design 115516645
design malu fashion logo design 113986643
design malu fashion logo design 112625118
design malu fashion logo design 110129427
design malu fashion logo design 110057499
design malu fashion logo design 99089582
design malu fashion logo design 109813818
design malu fashion logo design 109765218
design malu fashion logo design 103901623
design malu fashion logo design 101695330
design malu fashion logo design 93910366
design malu fashion logo design 87942607
design malu fashion logo design 93565519
design malu fashion logo design 93081968
design malu fashion logo design 92796409
design malu fashion logo design 92619535
design malu fashion logo design 92768200
design malu fashion logo design 92004303
design malu fashion logo design 91408189
design malu fashion logo design 88597086
design malu fashion logo design 87287452
design malu fashion logo design 87115221
design malu fashion logo design 80293089
design malu fashion logo design 81117711
design malu fashion logo design 86413111
design malu fashion logo design 82802189
malu fashion logo design 82545901
design malu fashion logo design 80548090
design malu fashion logo design 79701232
design malu fashion logo design 78274421
design malu fashion logo design 77451987
malu fashion logo design 76753545
design malu fashion logo design 74785130
malu fashion logo design 74601484
design malu fashion logo design 74458837
design malu fashion logo design 71919656
malu fashion logo design 73980871
design malu fashion logo design 70699556
malu fashion logo design 65551886
malu fashion logo design 60019109
design malu fashion logo design 52556155
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