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We are animal lovers. We love keeping them as pets and have a passion for turning them into funny memes.

That’s because many of us feel they have a deep connection with animals, and sometimes that special connection is even more so than we do with other people.

And in the world of brands, animals play an equally essential role as other symbols.

Many brands have used animal logos because images of animals can reinforce their value and character in the eyes of the audience. That’s why you’ll see animal logos used by companies like Evernote, Twitter, Puma, Jaguar, etc. A lot of discussion and research has been done to help them choose the right animal. Perfect with its brand message .

So please take a moment to read through this article. To see how the animal symbol used in the logo design will bring you the effect.

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Choose an animal icon

Before designing a logo , keep in mind that each animal possesses different unique characteristics that help convey a lot of meaning to your brand logo.

Animals and symbols go hand in hand.

Have you ever heard these sayings?

– Sly like a fox

– An elephant never forgets

– Fast as a cheetah (Fast as a cheetah)

– Loyal as a dog (Loyal as a dog)

– Quick as a cat (Fast as a cat)

– Strong as an ox (Strong as a cow)

I can go on even all day.

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For decades, we have assigned emotional traits to individual animals. It has become their second nature. So when using animal logos, it’s important to decide what traits you want your logo to portray and then simply choose an animal that can embody those traits.

Note that some animals can also bring a lot of negativity. For example, naming your express delivery company “Snail Direct” is not believable. So make sure to choose an appropriate animal that best represents the traits and personality that you want to convey.

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Types of animal logos

Instead of listing every animal with a long list and talking about their unique characteristics, consider some types of outstanding animal logos to make your search easier:


1. Abstract animal logos

When you combine an animal with an abstract logo design, you can create a unique logo with a custom message.

In fact, abstract logos are often very attractive, as we are not used to seeing them in our daily lives. It always contains open concepts, which means it can convey multiple meanings and messages in the same design.

Firefox has designed a geometric fox with a flame-shaped tail that wraps around the world. Why is this design so outstanding?

Besides eye-catching contrasting colors, this abstract logo also carries a resonant message: High-speed Internet for users around the world.

It’s a logo that stands out, catches your eye, is recognizable, and easy to remember. If Mozilla (the company behind the Firefox web browser) had chosen to use a real-life image of a fox, it would have been much harder to incorporate the “fire” element into the logo message, but they did and they did. It also helps the logo to express speed and energy clearly.


2. Environmental Animal Logo (for environmental brands)

Environmental brands can easily show their commitment to the earth and mother nature with an animal logo. By using animals, you’re signaling to your audience that you’re aware of the impact of treating our earth through the treatment of animals — and that you’re committed to doing the right things. best practices to reduce the impact of global warming, poaching, illegal logging, etc.

wwf logo tb

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is one of the most renowned organizations that challenge the threats to nature and they go out of their way to help ensure that people recognize the problems the planet faces. our lives are facing, especially as they become increasingly urgent and complex.

To make their point, WWF uses a giant panda in their logo, as it represents all endangered species that are threatened with extinction.

Using animal logos, you can directly communicate your environmental message, whether you’re an animal protection agency, promoting sustainable farming, or educating people on how to reduce your carbon footprint their.


3. Animal logos for kids

Creating a logo for children can be quite challenging. You need a design that young people not only recognize, but also help them associate with something interesting.

From an early age, children understand what animals are and always enjoy playing with them. How many kids can’t go to sleep without their teddy bear? Or always pick up your kitten’s toy before getting in the car? Think how many popular children’s shows feature animals like Pooh Bear or Mickey Mouse.

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So, if you need to design a logo for kids, consider using cute and fun animals like kittens and puppies or a fun twist on a dangerous animal to make them friendly. friendlier and more approachable, as Crocs did.


4. Luxury animal logo

How do you let your audience know that your brand stands out from the rest?

Are your products or services suitable for VIP guests?

Luxury brands have long used animal logos as symbols to advertise their lavish and elegant values.

swarovski logo tb

When you think of royalty and opulence in the animal kingdom, you’d be right to picture a graceful swan – so it’s no wonder that Austrian crystal maker Swarovski chose the image . this in their logo.

Car maker Jaguar is another example of how a brand can use animal traits and qualities to express its brand values. The jumping leopard in the Jaguar logo showcases the beauty, agility and power of the cars they market.

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Famous brands that use animal logos

We could go on about why animal logos can make such a powerful impact on your potential customers, but why not discover them yourself? From Dove to Lacoste and Penguin Books, here are a bunch of popular brands that have been using animal icons to convey their messages and engage audiences for a long time:


For you

Using animals in your logo design can be a very effective method to highlight your brand’s core values ​​and traits without having to tell a long story about who you are and where you come from. from where. Don’t be afraid to experiment to find the animal that best suits your brand and paint your business in the most positive way in the eyes of your customers! You can opt for our logo design service to start designing animal logos today.

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