The design is beautiful and clean

Apple has just officially launched iPhone 14. The whole world is like crazy before the latest design images of the product.

It seems that Apple, or other big businesses like Samsung, Nike, and Louis Vuitton are enjoying the fruits they have created after so much effort in building and burying the brand image. But is that the only factor that helps them build their loyalty, worship as a new type of “religion” from customers?

There is a secret weapon that you have not imagined coming from the above brands, which is the connection between  product design,  beautiful, impressive packaging, and the power of a  valuable brand . From Apple, Samsung to Louis Vuitton all fascinate users with product designs, luxurious, glittering, breakthrough product designs.

Let’s explore with Malu 5 tips on product and packaging design  that can help your business gain the upper hand in the competition with powerful competitors in the market.

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1. Product and brand design must be linked

Many businesses do not realize the importance of associating the image of packaging design and products with the brand itself. A product is nothing if it is designed, manufactured, and released completely separate from the core values ​​of the brand.

Mamamy's design

For example:

You intend to design packaging for coffee products with the criteria of luxury, modernity and minimalism. Certainly, you cannot use the image of a coffee field (which is quite cumbersome) integrated into the design.

Before going into detailed product design, you need to outline for yourself the core values ​​that the brand and business follow.

Always keep in mind the elements:  mission, vision, goals ,  personality  and brand history, to stick to it, as a guideline for the design of packaging and products in the future.

You need to pay attention to answer a few questions such as:

  • What is the mission of your business? What value do you want to bring to your colleagues, employees, customers and community?
  • What makes your brand’s products stand out?
  • Vision for your business in the short and long term?
  • How will your product change the lives of your customers?

Once you have answered the above questions, you have a relatively complete picture of the packaging / product image you intend to design.

2. Set “personality” for product design, packaging

Do not rush to think that packaging design is simply packing the product into the package and transporting it, it also contributes to convey the message that the manufacturer wants to send to the customer.

The simplest way to convey the marketing message is to breathe “personality” into the product design. By perceiving the product as a close friend, customers will easily become empathetic and easily associate themselves with the product or brand.

3. Don’t cram too many elements into the design

Many brands, with the aim of attracting customers’ attention, accept to cram too many elements in the design.

The design will be released

In some cases, the product is accepted by the market. But for the most part, customers feel really confused with cumbersome, messy and excessive designs. The advice for you here is: Focus on simplicity, clear and intuitive concept. Experience shows that simple and modern things are often easier to enter into the hearts of customers than complex and multidimensional things.

4. Consistency

There needs to be a close consistency between the brand’s vision and mission and the content of packaging and product design.

This is evident in your use of fonts, colors, and design layouts to best reflect the image of the brand and logo in it. It is not simple that in any Coca-Cola packaging, red is also the main color.

The design of Coca Cola Nhat Quan

5. Invest in packaging design

Packaging not only revolves around simple graphic design-related issues, you need to pay much attention to the material and its usefulness for customers.

design design

Like the image above: A package of dry Italian flatbread with a very unique and useful design and product.

Great designs often put  the customer’s experience  first, because packaging is the first impression that customers come into contact with a brand or product.


A good brand will build a beautiful product and packaging design image. If you want to have an impressive design, you need to align and match the design image with the  core values ​​of the brand , paying attention to the simple, intuitive, personality and breakthrough design.

Want to learn more beautiful, impressive packaging design tips? Let’s explore it with Malu through the helpful infographic below: