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“Content Marketing investment is the key to success for every business”

Content Marketing includes


Conduct 4Cs research:

  • Industry
  • Enterprise
  • Customers (Persona, Customer Journey, Empthy mapping…)
  • Competitors
Strategic consulting

Consulting, proposing solutions to deploy appropriate content marketing:

Content mapping content strategy
Brand Voice
Branded content guidelines


Make a detailed plan for a content marketing project:

  • Project overview
  • Customer content for each channel
  • Customer deploys, manages, and measures

Creative design

Design and create content for each channel:

Channel manager

Directly manage content on each channel:

  • 8 Content/ Channel/ Month
  • Interaction & Feedback
  • SEO Optimization
  • Crisis handling

Monitor and report on performance:

  • Weekly report
  • Monthly report
  • Quarterly report
  • Project summary report

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Why choose Content Marketing services in Malu

Two core factors help Malu’s Content team to maintain good content marketing services for businesses and receive positive feedback.

1. Expertise goes hand in hand with quality
  • Collect, analyze, and use information about competitors and competitive markets to enhance your business advantage.
  • Apply data-driven methods to find real-time insights, touch points, and insights on the topic.
  • Flexibly combine with suitable content models such as PAS, 4P, 4C, AIDA,… for each customer’s problem.
  • The Insightful Writing application harmonizes the focal points that bring connection value to businesses and users.
  • Quality of content, value created for readers comes first, say no to running after quantity
2. Ensure professionalism

Advantages of Content Marketing services in Malu

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Close cooperation to implement, understand the business

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Software project management. Continuous interaction & feedback

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In-depth, creative content. Sponsored by experts in the field

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Produce content that meets multiple business goals

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Commitment 100% satisfied with products & services

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Develop content based on research results, strategy



Break through the limit with an explosive, innovative brand launch campaign.

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How does content marketing help businesses?

Content Marketing is content that serves customers and directs customers to goals that are beneficial to businesses:

  • Increase traffic to your website and platforms
  • Content marketing helps customers trust the brand naturally
  • Boost sales by skillfully promoting products and services in the way customers love
  • Offers greater value by being long-lived and being able to create variations for different platforms
  • Helping businesses connect deeply with customers through providing value
  • Helping small businesses compete with big businesses

What is good quality content marketing?

Content marketing comes in many formats, from articles, images, videos, infographics, ebooks, podcasts, and more. but good content needs to meet:

  • Information : Conveying information that satisfies customers and business goals
  • Brand : Expressing brand identity, brand identity, tone of voice, contributing to building brand awareness.
  • Design : The content is designed, arranged logically, professionally
  • SEO : Content is optimized for search engines
  • Sales : Promote customer interaction with content (click, like, share, comment, purchase …)
  • Copyright : Content does not infringe copyright issues.
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5 things to keep in mind for a successful content marketing project

  • Choose an experienced content marketing service provider, capable of serving many customers
  • Ask service providers to research and analyze carefully the target market, brand and customers of the business before writing content.
  • Make execution plans, work deployment forms, clear and detailed reports
  • Implement a process of controlling content production activities, assessing strict quality
  • Learn more about the quantity and quality of personnel. Ensure suppliers can deploy projects of different sizes, diverse content

Our team

We are a team of experts with diverse perspectives, in-depth analysis of every issue for strategic goals and creative passion to design the best experience for your brand.


Content marketing service process

At Malu, we apply a strict, scientific and collaborative process to ensure the success of the project.


Malu receives information on project requirements and provides detailed advice to businesses on content marketing services in Malu.

Prepare quotation proposal, sign implementation contract.


Malu conducts 4Cs research (Category, Company, Consumer/Customer, Competitor), collects and analyzes data to support next implementation steps.


Consulting and proposing appropriate content development strategies. Ensure support for brand strategy and business strategy.


Conduct detailed planning for the project and prepare resources for implementation.


Design and create appropriate content for each channel. Upload, manage interactions, track, optimize.


Monitor data, work reports, and content performance periodically (weekly/monthly/quarterly) for businesses.


Handing over and guiding the business team to manage and maintain. Coordinating with enterprises in project acceptance.


Always ready to accompany and support businesses in branding and business development activities.

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“You have a vision, Malu has experience in consulting & execution. I believe the results will break the limit.”

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What customers say about Malu Design

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nguyen van hai

Van Hai Gym

I feel that choosing Malu Design is a very right decision, I myself find it quite difficult, especially with my company’s media publications or brand identity, but when working with Malu Design I am very surprise with the ability to capture ideas, convey messages with high aesthetics in design and creativity. Wish Malu Design team more success!

Nguyen Van Hai

CEO/Vietnam Boxing Champion

Erwin R. Popov

Hanoi Daewoo Hotel

Hanoi Daewoo Hotel is very satisfied with the professional and enthusiastic working style of Malu Design staff.

In particular, Hanoi Daewoo Hotel would like to thank the members of the design team for their efforts in creating a design product that has both value in form and meaning. Wish Malu Design more and more development.

Erwin R. Popov

General Manager

le anh ngoc

At Grupa Restaurant

On behalf of Lagrupa, I would like to sincerely thank Malu Design for accompanying Lagrupa since its inception.

It is very right to choose Malu Design because of its enthusiastic and well-trained staff, I am very satisfied with your company’s service. We hope to work together on future projects.

Le Anh Ngoc



Frequently asked questions

Simply put,  Content Marketing  is content that customers like but is guided by business goals.

The goals here could be:

  • Clever product introduction
  • Drive conversions
  • Care and nurture potential customers
  • Cultivate brand loyalty
  • Engage interaction
  • Branding

And any type of content, whether it’s articles, images, videos, infographics, ebooks, podcasts, etc., as long as it has a marketing element to serve a business goal, it can be called Content  Marketing .

It can be said, Content Marketing is anything you create that does not contain a public sales message.

Among the most popular are 5 types of content:

  • Social Media : Everything you post on social networks from images, statuses, videos… Social Media attracts people to view and interact directly instantly.
  • Blog posts : More thorough, more complete type of content produced on websites and blogs. Content marketing in the form of blog posts is often shared, instructive, and provides value to readers. This is also popular content aimed for SEO
  • Infographics : Content is conveyed, illustrated in images in a simple, powerful and meaningful way.
  • Video : Video content can be harder and time consuming to produce, but it’s hot right now. Especially the short-video trend
  • Podcast : Is an audio program for those who like to listen or are not hands-free (when driving, doing housework)…

The Internet and social networks develop strongly, customers are exposed to too many product/service advertisements every day, thus creating antibodies to advertising.

Therefore, to avoid customer resistance, you need to stand out from the crowd by using content marketing.

And content marketing is part of all forms of marketing:

  • Social media marketing : Your content marketing strategy precedes your social media marketing strategy.
  • SEO : Search engines rank well for businesses that publish consistent, quality content.
  • PR : Successful PR strategies should address issues that concern readers, not their business.
  • PPC  (Pay-per-click): For PPC to work, you need a landing page with great content.
  • Inbound marketing : Content is key to driving traffic and leads.
  • Content strategy : Content strategy is part of most content marketing strategies.

To produce high-quality content marketing, Malu’s internal team follows these steps:

  • Step #1 : Define your target audience, build a clear idea of ​​their priorities, challenges, and interests
  • Step #2 : Identify the right formats, which correspond to which stage of the sales cycle and which format will best represent value.
  • Step #3 : Decide who will write, edit, and proofread the content. Ensure the best quality published content.
  • Step #4 : Determine how the content will be distributed for the best orientation.
  • Step #5 : Make a production schedule, clearly define time and resources to ensure production on schedule.
  • Step #6 : Do content production following best practices. Engaging content is clearly written, easy to understand, and delivers real value to the target audience.

Note: This is  the content marketing production process , this process is inside  Malu’s content marketing service process.

See more:  How to do content marketing  for businesses.

Have. Medical content, health is the content Malu’s partners are also in high demand.

But this content is labeled by Google as YMYL (Your money your life) and needs to be carefully reviewed. Therefore, in order to produce good quality content for customers, Malu has links with highly qualified doctors and medical experts who regularly consult and appraise content for Malu’s content team.

Note: For YMYL content, when posting on your website, you need a professional author to take charge.

Have. Malu has a content team with a good technology background ready to deploy related content marketing production projects.

Content may include:

  • Technical analysis
  • Technology Review
  • Step-by-step implementation guide
  • Study Guide (tutorial)
  • Video

Note: As long as you have content production needs, Malu can give you the right service and solution. Please contact Malu immediately via hotline 0988 622991  or  Register for a contact form  for specific advice.

Have. However, for the best quality project, Malu usually deploys 100 articles within 30 days.

Have. Malu’s content is produced according to clear criteria, agreed with you in advance. However, if the product does not satisfy you, the Malu team will edit the content until you are satisfied.

Have. Depending on your requirements, the Malu team will learn the required content writing style.

Have. Posting is part of Malu’s service plan.

Have. Malu undertakes multilingual content production. Please contact Malu immediately via hotline 0988 622 991  or  Register Contact Form  for specific advice.

Correct. Content production costs are included in the package by Malu. The number of images, videos, … in the content is clearly agreed at the time of signing the contract.

For website articles, long content “tends” to be of higher quality than short content articles.

However, too long is not always good.

According to Backinko ‘s research   :

  • Articles longer than 3000 words get 77.2% more than articles 1000 words
  • Articles of about 1000-2000 words receive the most shares on social networks.

According to Hubspot ‘s research   , articles about 2100 – 2400 words have the most reads.

However, long articles are not necessarily synonymous with “willing to rank better” short articles.

> See also:  Guide to Writing Standard SEO Articles  to understand how to write articles that bring good rankings or sign up for  SEO Standard Article Writing Services  for more in-depth advice. 

It is important that you understand what your target audience wants and how long the content will satisfy their search needs.

To take advantage of the power of Content marketing, you need to set up a specific process, for example:

  • Step #1: The article received from Malu will be posted on the website
  • Step #2: Split a piece of good content to share on Fanpage group, social media
  • Step #3: Convert to ebook (for gift)
  • Step #4: Set up email marketing to send to nurture lists
  • Step #5: Summarize into video and post on Youtube

The real answer is: It’s never enough. And the amount depends on the field you are competing in.

Only “How much to start a new website”.

Usually, a new website needs about 10-30 articles (not including product, service, introduction, policy …) to start publishing.

In addition, weekly, monthly you should produce new content to stay connected with customers and promote website growth (This part can be calculated based on competitive analysis and analysis)

Please contact Malu immediately via hotline 0988 622 991  or  Register Contact Form  for specific advice.

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