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I just tried typing “ What is a website? ” on the Google search bar and was quite surprised to receive the results from the first 10/10 positions all with the same definition:

  • Website  is a collection of  web pages  (web pages) including text, images, videos, flash etc., usually located in a domain name or subdomain on the World Wide Web of the Internet.
  • The website is hosted (web hosting) on ​​a web server (web server) accessible through the Internet.
  • A web page is an HTML or XHTML file that can be accessed using the HTTP or HTTPS protocol. Websites can be built from HTML files (static websites) or operated by CMSs running on servers (dynamic websites).
  • Websites can be built in many different programming languages ​​(PHP, .NET, Java, Ruby on Rails…)
The definition of the website above is not wrong, but I personally do not like this definition very much because it creates a series of confusing definitions for newcomers.
So, in this article I will explain the concept of “ what is a website?” in a different perspective so that even those who are just starting to learn about the website can visualize and grasp the most basic things. Now let’s find out: let’s go!

I. Website concept

Website acts as an office or a store on the Internet – a place to introduce information, images about the business, products or services provided by the business (or introduce any information) to customers. products can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Website can be considered as the face of the business, a place to welcome and transact with customers and partners on the Internet.
Accordingly, we will have: Store Website, Supermarket Website, School Website, Group Website, Company Website, Hospital Website, Museum Website, Personal Website, … and you can continue this list instead of me.
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What is Website?
To make it easier to visualize, I will list out the similarities between a real office and  WEBSITE  – a virtual office as follows:
Actual office Website
Main ingredients (indispensable):
Office address:

Website address: (also known as website domain name)

Office area: 

  • 100m2
  • Suitable for the size of personnel and equipment of the company

  • 10Gb
  • Space to host the website: the server contains the source files (articles, photos, videos, etc.)
Different departments:

  • For example, Malu Design office will have the following rooms: Customer care room, design room, marketing department, sales department.
Web pages (Web pages):

  • Different websites: homepage, service page, about page, contact page, etc.
Office doors:

  • A door big enough to let everyone in
Bandwith – bandwidth:

  • The data transfer rate of the line so that everyone can access the website
Other ingredients:

  • For the company, it is: the director, the company’s board of directors
Admin – Webmaster:

  • For the website, it is: Admin
  • Visitors to you need a vehicle to bring them to such as car, motorbike, bus….
  • For websites, we need ISPs – network service providers (VietTel, VDC, FPT, VNPT …)
Office furniture:

  • Tables and chairs, computers, plants, … comfortable, comfortable
Decorative elements on the website:

  • Banner.
  • Slide
  • Advertisement photo…
Orientation map if in a large building Sitemap or navigation menus very well on the website
Security system SSL secure transmission
Business activities: 
Transactions with customers via:

  • Shopping carts, checkout counters,…
Transactions with customers via:

  • Shopping cart, contact form, online chat box,…
Promote products and services:

  • Handing over billboards
  • Make good billboard content
  • Leaflets
  • Event organization: Fairs,
Search Engine Optimization – Run Ads

  • Banner advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) and Google Ads
  • Update the content of the programs on the website through the content management system: CMS
  • Press Release

So: for a website to work on the internet, it must have 3 main parts:

  • Domain: Own and unique domain name of the website.
  • Hosting: are the servers containing the source files.
  • Source code: Source code (which is html, xhtml, .. or a set of code/cms files).

Website classification

layout website
Depending on the requirements and design forms, the website is divided into different categories

Normally, according  to the users , websites can be divided into 4 types:

  • Websites for businesses
  • Websites for individuals
  • Government website
  • Websites of non-profit organizations

In addition,  according to the programming structure , websites are classified into two main categories:

Static Web

Static websites are websites that use HTML, CSS, audio, video, images, etc. to create a website interface. It is saved as a .html or .htm file, fixed, non-editable. Static web will be  difficult when you want to change the interface .

If you don’t know HTML, it will be difficult for you to do because of your inability to create web interactions.

Dynamic Web

Dynamic web are websites that do not have fixed  content, can be edited and added custom pages . Commonly found dynamic website programming languages ​​are: Java, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Python, etc. In which, PHP and ASP.NET are the two most commonly used languages ​​today.

If considering the main purpose of the website, the website will be classified into the following categories:

  • Personal Website:  This is a type of website that helps individuals build their personal brand professionally, update information and achievements on the website.
  • Company website:  This type of website helps to introduce the company, update necessary information such as: history of operation and development, products and services and contact information.
  • Sales website:  Introduction and products that the business provides.

In terms of  specific areas  , there will be the following types of websites:

  • Blog:  Provide information and knowledge.
  • Entertainment website:  Allows users to watch movies, listen to music, play games.
  • Information Website:  Helps readers update the latest news about many fields around the world.
  • Membership website:  Offers premium content to members of the service, an example is Netflix – one of the largest streaming platforms today, allowing only registered users to access the service. and use the product.
  • Social Network:  Allows users to join and interact with other users around the world, most notably Facebook.
  • Educational websites:  Websites of universities and independent organizations that provide information about online courses or learning materials.
  • Government website:  Provides information and programs related to many macro areas such as health, education, etc.
  • Website search engine:  Allows users to search almost any content on the website, the most popular is Google.

What are the benefits of owning a website?

Unlimited Ads:

  • If you’ve ever been advertising in newspapers, publications, voice stations or television, you certainly know how big that cost can be. Your business will get noticed. With about 150 million people accessing the internet regularly, your business will quickly become known without much cost, customers can access information about your business or organization at any time. anywhere and from anywhere, with a computer connected to the internet.
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The opportunity to link and cooperate in doing business online is huge, internationally:

  • Your website is a business card that you can use anywhere in the world to promote your business.
  • A charity can effectively mobilize funding through its website when introducing and providing information about its activities to the world.
  • Web applications are increasingly used to help you do more with your website.
  • For example, a manufacturer can regularly conduct tenders on its website with daily updated information, and thus the possibility of finding a good partner/supplier is extremely large, not limited to limited territory, at negligible cost.

Website allows easy feedback from customers.

  • Customers can fill out a simple design feedback form and tell you what they think about your products and services.
  • Website allows immediate answers to customer questions or concerns. If you have to answer the same question too many times about your products and services, or about your business in general, you can add a page that answers frequently asked questions.

Your business will be open 24 hours a day.

  • This means you don’t have to close on New Year’s Day or Christmas Day… Wherever you are, everyone can see your merchandise.
  • When someone wants to know the time, location, direction, or any other information about your company, they can get this information without bothering you at all.
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Customers can buy goods at any time through the website


Low staff costs.

  • Once you have a website, you can offer your products and services without hiring additional workers.
  • You will not have to spend any extra money on compensation and insurance for new employees and still maintain sales and service.

Create an image of a well-organized company.

  • The Internet is the most effective medium through which you can create any image of yourself you want. It’s all in your hands, just design a professional sales website, add content to help customers and immediately your company starts to have its image.
  • It doesn’t matter how small your company is, as long as you have big aspirations, you can build your company’s image as a big corporation on the Internet.

Save on postage and printing costs.

  • Think about how many cards you have to send out to customers about your sale. All of this can be minimized by including sales information on the website and each customer visit.
  • You can collect customer email addresses, keep them in touch with special events in your store via email.

Improved communication system.

  • You can contact your employees and suppliers through the website. Any changes are effective as soon as you submit them on the website, and the updates can be viewed by anyone without having to contact you directly.

Excellent customer service.

  • This is the dream of any business. Business owners don’t want to waste time explaining to customers how to use the product, how to install it, troubleshoot it, clean it, move it, exchange it, or anything else to do with the product. product has been purchased.
  • With a website, just bring up all the scenarios, create questions and answers ready, your customers can find every support information without bothering you.

Being online goes hand in hand with your competitors.

  • You must think of the Internet as a “phone book”. More and more people use the website to find information, buy products and services.
  • If you’re not there, your competitors are. If you are not in the “Phonebook”, how can customers find you?

What do you need to do to create a website?

Nowadays, owning a website is not difficult, when  web design services  are more and more available and ready to design according to your requirements.

Malu Design is an SEO standard website design consulting company with a reasonable cost, dedicated support is the choice of many individuals and startups in the country. Malu commits to:

  • Beautifully designed website, scientifically arranged, showing your outstanding impressions
  • High security, good page loading speed
  • Competitive web design costs with many practical support packages
  • Handing over the website on schedule
  • Free web maintenance
  • Consulting and supporting website features wholeheartedly, for life
  • Support online marketing activities as required
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Malu Design design secure website, SEO standard

Besides sharing knowledge about  what a website is , what a website is, the basic steps to have a website like that. Malu Design is always ready to help you design a professional, SEO-friendly, search engine-friendly website. Help you promote your brand effectively and bring the most practical benefits!