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What is Brand Voice? How to build a brand voice for a brand

Let’s ask the same question. If one day your business loses its logo, what is left

The process of designing a professional brand identity

A quality brand identity cannot be obtained overnight. You can’t just pick a few colors and

What is Customer Journey? – How to build a Customer Journey map

The biggest challenge for marketers is how to engrave the brand image in the customer’s

Branded Interior – What is Interior Brand Identity?

Branded Interior – What is Interior Brand Identity? Branding is more than just a logo

What is Omnichannel? The Role And Operation Of Omnichannel

Omnichannel is not just a buzzword in marketing, e-commerce or customer support. This is a future

What is Customer Service? How To Get A Good Customer Service?

Today, customer support is not only encapsulated in providing answers to consumers’ problems and questions,

What is Digital Workplace? Future working environment?

Digital workplace  will be the future of work when digital transformation takes place more and more

What is Key Message? How to Build Compelling Communication Messages

Key message is the core information that businesses want customers to hear, understand and remember

Crisis Management: What to Learn From 6 Famous Brands

Among us, we all want to overcome all the pressure when a crisis hits. With brands,

13 Famous Brands Rebranded Over the Years

Whether you agree or not, building and maintaining a  dynamic brand  is still very important. In the past

IKEA’s Product Naming Secrets

When you go to IKEA ‘s flashy furniture store , have you ever been surprised by the

9 Best Brand Books (Brands)

What sets a super marketer apart from others? The truth is that there is a lot