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3 Important Indicators For Brand Evaluation

To assess the “health” situation of a brand, people often use the following 3 indicators

Personal Branding – How to Build a Personal Brand from 0

When it comes to  personal branding , we imagine the advertising and marketing aspects of your personality,

What is Brand Loyalty? Building Brand Loyalty

When you talk to an Apple believer, if you tell him to throw away his

Brand Perception – 4 Steps to Measure Brand Awareness

When walking in the supermarket, you see the familiar brand of instant noodles that your

What is Brand Culture? 6 Steps to Building Brand Culture

What is corporate culture? Having a good company culture is no longer an option, but a

What Is Brand? The complete definition of a brand

From newspapers: “Apple is the most valuable brand in the world in 2022”; “Google leads the list

What is Brand Guideline – 21 Beautiful Brand Guide Templates

You have spent too much time and money creating messages, logos, websites, marketing products for

Brand Value – How to Measure Brand Value?

Today, brand value – the value of a brand is equal to or greater than

What is branding? Strategies to build a brand from zero

We live in a world where family members refer to “starting a business”. Every year in

What is the 80/20 Principle? How to Apply to Business Administration

You may have heard of  the 80/20 principle  and how to apply it in your life. But in

What Are Core Values? Business Core Values

Did you know:  “ 80% of customers admit to forgetting the advertising content they have seen within

What is Brand Story? Steps to Telling a Compelling Brand Story

We all love to hear stories. And it’s true:  Inspirational stories often capture attention and impact the