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What is Trademark? Difference between Trademark and Brand

Trademark has an extremely important role for the existence and development of every business. So what

What is Brand Mark? Distinguish Brand Mark and Logo

1. What is Brand Mark? Brand Mark  is a symbol, an element, a design or an

Crisis Management – ​​Crisis Management Planning & Process

What do you think of when you hear the word “crisis”. Within the scope of an

Product positioning: Basic steps to build an effective product positioning strategy

In Vietnam, some brands have succeeded in creating their own image, such as: Trung Nguyen

Internal communication: A guide to building an internal communication strategy

It’s amazing how many companies out there still underestimate or neglect internal communication when this

5 Case Study Rebrand – Successful rebranding

Rebranding – Rebranding is one of the most difficult marketing strategies for brands that have been

Lifebuoy’s Marketing Strategy: The Story Behind the “Great” Mission

10 years ago, Unilever’s Lifebuoy soap brand  started a marketing strategy with the mission of educating and

Learn how Lifebouy repositioned its brand through the Covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has posed many challenges for brands in terms of creativity and innovation

[Case Study] – NEM’s journey to build a brand: French and Vietnamese blend

In recent years, the Vietnamese fashion industry has undergone significant changes. Especially after Vietnam joined the

[Case Study] – Muji’s global branding strategy

In today’s market with most brands calling for attention, Muji represents the opposite of consumerism. Let’s

What is company profile? 5 Steps to Build a Professional Business Profile

It can be said that  the company profile  is a type of document that helps customers learn

Remember 5 secrets to building Brand Loyalty without talking about yourself

How to attract attention for your brand? How can you become a reliable reference for your