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For generations, we’ve used flowers to represent many different kinds of emotions — from happy weddings to sad funerals and more. That’s one of the reasons why flowers are so commonly used in logos of various industries.

They are so adaptable that you can use them in almost any situation and more importantly, you can use flowers to accentuate your logo.

A beautiful floral logo will help you to brand your company, attract customers and create more recognition for your business. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of floral logos you can choose from below!

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There are many different types of logos you can design using flowers, depending on your business and the messages you are trying to bring to your customers. Take a look at the 6 most popular floral logo styles below and see which works best for your brand:

Modern floral logo

Modern floral logos are usually simple looking designs that are suitable for digital advertisements, such as social media and your website.

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Pairing the icon with a sans-serif font similar to the one used by Google and Facebook creates a logo perfectly suited for this digital age.

With this type of logo, you can completely put the logo icon on your ads, websites or social media sites without worrying about resizing it will make it difficult to see.

To get the most out of a modern floral logo, use bright and contrasting colors to make your logo stand out. For example, a purple flower on a white background will grab the viewer’s attention and still look great when you print them out.

Minimalist floral logo

Minimalist logo design is about removing unnecessary elements that can make your logo look cluttered and cluttered.

Let’s create a logo with basic elements — and this design style will be more eye-catching with the appearance of a few flowers.

A simple floral border along with a clean font make for an elegant and beautiful logo that is timeless.

It’s a great choice for coffee shops, florists or wedding planners looking for a simple logo design that showcases their individual charm and style.

However, keep in mind that your logo still needs to stand out, so don’t make it so simple that there’s almost nothing memorable about it.

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Floral logo with frame

Using a framed flower icon allows you to incorporate flora into your logo itself.

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Wrap beautiful flowers around your frame as if plants are an integral part of your business – as for florists, decorators, flower artists in their work and nature-related businesses.

You can use vines and petals to wrap around the frame, or simply use simple branches and stems to create a perfect border for the logo.

Oval frames are also a good choice, or angular frames like squares and rectangles, stars and octagons also work well with this style.

Just make sure your logo doesn’t look too cramped and that each design element has enough space to exude its beauty.

Plant logo

Plant logos are a great alternative to just using a regular flower.

Besides flowers, you also have a lot of ideas about leaves, buds, stems, roots … you can use in your logo to symbolize growth and refinement. With botanical elements, your logo will have an organic feel but still very distinct and subtle.

Try using a botanical icon with an elegant script font or a fluid serif font for a captivating, authentic logo design imbued with the power and beauty of mother nature.

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Classic floral logo

It seems that the things that relate to the classic are all “high-class” and “authentic”.

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By using a vintage logo , you’re letting your audience know you’re a respectable, trustworthy, and long-established business.

Vintage logos are often distinguished by their color palette, vintage font style, and border reminiscent of old pill bottle labels. Just make sure that the classic theme matches your brand and you’ll get a logo that’s out of the question.

Abstract floral logo

An abstract logo that uses geometric designs to represent your brand. But that does not mean that the shape is difficult to recognize! You can create an abstract shape like a flower to create a perfect logo.

Common flowers used for abstract logo designs are usually sunflowers, daisies, and lotuses. They are popular because many shapes can be easily combined to create a floral logo.

When combined with a gradient color scheme and contrasting colors, the abstract floral logo really looks beautiful and unique.

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How to choose the right flower for your logo

Are you ready to choose your own flower icon? First, consider the following:

Does the logo design match your brand personality? If your brand is youthful and modern, the classic floral logo will of course not be for you. Choose a floral logo that matches who you are as a brand owner.

Where will your logo be used? Depending on where you want to put your logo, you will see a difference between using them in different locations. If you are going to run a lot of online ads on Facebook and Google, your logo needs to be the right size and stand out with less detail.

If you are going to print your logo on a large store or on aprons and other paraphernalia, the logo must be able to be resized and have strong enough colors to attract attention.

What color would you like to use? Flowers come in many colors and come in all shapes, shades, and sizes. For best results, choose 3 or fewer colors from the palette and make sure the color you choose reflects your brand personality.

Is your flower logo unique? If your logo looks too similar to your competitors, people will assume you are an imitator or mistake your brand for that competitor! Personalize your logo and convey specific messages to customers.

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Do you feel your creative source awakening? We hope you will have many good ideas after reading this article! Keep your brand values ​​in mind when designing your logo, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different color shades in your logo.

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