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Are you thinking about putting your business logo in a striking purple color?

That can be a great choice – and I’m here to help you decide one way or another.

The  meaning behind your business logo colors  can have a big impact on whether your audience connects with your business at first sight. Now, I personally love purple and it can certainly make a big impact on future clients – but only when used correctly!

I’ll talk more about what that means below, including the associations people have with purple, how it’s best integrated with other design elements, and what types of businesses use it. most in their logo.

And, if you decide to design your own purple logo at the end of this post, you can contact us to get started!

The Meaning Behind the Purple Logo

Purple attributes

Color has been proven to have a significant impact on our behavior, mood and even physiological responses.

However, the meaning of colors depends on many factors, including culture, personal experience, and upbringing.

If you want your logo to represent attributes like luxury, ambition, independence, empathy, wealth, etc., then purple is the color for you. Take a look at how some famous brands use purple in their logos.

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See how Hallmark, the oldest greeting card maker in the US, uses  purple to signify luxury  while also expressing comfort and empathy. Then consider how Willy Wonka’s brand uses purple to convey magic and mystery, while Yahoo’s purple logo balances intellect with creative fun.

As you can see, there are different ways you can use purple to help send a specific message to your audience.

How to combine purple with other logo design elements

Purple elements

When it comes to purple logos, there are some design elements that combine well and those that don’t.


Choosing the right typeface for your logo can strengthen your overall brand. Review  the 5 main font families  to determine which one best suits your brand.

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Serif  – Ideal for businesses that want to appear old, respectable and trustworthy.

Sans-serif  – Casual, legible and modern, sans-serif is a popular choice among startups, tech businesses, and even entertainment brands like StubHub.

Slab serif  – A bold and dramatic slab serif font commonly used by tech and automotive companies. Mostly, slab serifs are fun and make the viewer feel happy.

Script  – Very suitable for businesses that want to show luxury and high end, such as Cadbury chocolate.

Decorative  – This is a loud, fun, and entertaining font, which is why it’s a great fit for companies like Twitch.

Of course, these are just general rules, but by no means are they fixed. Feel free to experiment with   different font combinations .

Shapes and symbols

Shapes can help your brand build an emotional and psychological connection with your target audience. Each shape says something about your brand, so it’s important to understand what the shapes mean to incorporate them appropriately into your logo design.

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Squares and rectangles are strong shapes that represent positive ideas and emotions, such as reliability, stability, and a sense of order. When combined with purple, squares and rectangles provide a bold logo design. If you take a look at Wizz Air’s logo, you’ll notice how the logo is defined by colorful lines and sharp angles.

In logo design, a symbol is one that conveys instantly recognizable values ​​and ideas. Many brands choose   animal logos because images of animals can reinforce their value and character in the eyes of an audience, such as the Australian kangaroo. The kangaroo and purple logos combined represent the company’s commitment to providing luxury products, while remaining true to their Australian roots.

To take your logo a step further, try incorporating  negative space  into your design. If you look closely at the FedEx logo, there is an arrow made of space between the letters “E” and “x”.

Is the purple logo right for you?

As I mentioned before, color is subjective and there is no right or wrong way to use purple in logos.

With that said, you should use purple if it fits one of your brand messages/values. Or, you can use purple to set yourself apart from your competitors’ logos.

If your brand is in one of these industries, here are some ideas on how to use purple:

Purple logos for chocolate brands

Purple is the color of nobility, luxury and wealth, which is why chocolate brands like Cadbury and Milka use it as their iconic color. Chocolate companies aren’t just selling candy, they’re exploiting the emotions that chocolate evokes. When combined with purple, those emotions are heightened.

Purple logos for sports brands

Athletes and sports brands wear purple as an eye-catching, bold image that showcases their athleticism on the court. Both the Los Angeles Lakers and the Baltimore Ravens use purple as their team’s signature color.

Purple logos for travel brands

Purple is a color associated with traits like independence, comfort, wealth, and wonder—all of which fit perfectly with travel brands! If you are a high-end travel agency, a purple logo can represent traits like luxury and wealth to your target audience. For example, Wizz Air uses various shades of purple to create the magic and mystery of flying to new locations.

Purple logo for education brand

In the past, purple was the color worn by royalty and the upper classes. Due to its association with the wealthy, many universities like UCLU and Western University have used purple for their school colors to distinguish them as top academic institutions.

Purple logos for beauty brands

Physiologically, purple enhances one’s sense of beauty and sparks creative ideas. This makes purple perfect for beauty brands. For example, Aussie is a hair care company that uses purple to represent these attributes and remains rooted in nature.

Purple logo for personal branding

If you need to manage a personal brand, you’ll need a color that can instantly tell your viewers who you are and what your expertise is. Show off your talents by using purple to express empathy, ambition, power, and wisdom.

It’s important to note that there are no matching colors in the box. See what your industry competitors are doing and whether purple is too commonly used. If it’s overdone, you can think about using an alternate color to stand out. But if it’s not used enough, ask yourself if the psychology of the color is right for your brand before choosing it.

Color matching purple

Purple can be quite versatile depending on the color you combine it with. Let’s see some examples of purple logo color combinations:

color combination 002 13 1024x569 1

Combine green with 2 shades of purple to add harmony and balance to your designs, while creating movement and energy. This theme would work well for sports businesses, as well as anything related to art.

color combination 002 14 1024x569 1

Visual and powerful, deep purple is a dramatic color that pairs well with lighter purples. The combination of light and dark creates a feeling of compassion and tenderness. This trio would work well for artistic endeavors.

purple color combination 1

Let your logo stand out with deep purple combined with hot pink. This bold, dramatic palette demands attention, but it still does it with class and sophistication. This theme would be suitable for businesses in the tech or travel world.


We have seen that purple conveys elegance, ambition, independence and empathy, but combining it with other design elements can create a unique and impressive logo.

If you are considering purple for your brand logo, you can contact us where you can experiment with different design elements, color combinations etc until you have designed to suit you.

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