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Google Ads Rebrand: What Can You Learn From This Case Study?

New York City, USA – October 30, 2017: Google company office green sign in downtown

[Case Study] – How Did Apple Build a Brand?

According to Forbes magazine, Apple is the most valuable brand in the world for many

[Case Study] – Nike’s Branding Strategy

Looking deeper into Nike’s brand strategy, you’ll find a lot of interesting things about the

Rebrand | Airbnb Rebranding – Case Study

The focus of this rebranding of Airbnb is to focus on community and social factors.

Rebrand | Uber Rebranding – Case Study

  Start-up Uber recently launched a new brand identity designed by Wolff Olins, exactly one

Is it true that Apple’s legendary logo is designed according to the golden ratio?

Over the years, we have always believed that the Apple logo is definitely a prime

Color of the Year 2021 – Why did Pantone choose two colors for this year?

A combination of colors helps convey messages of strength and hope, endurance and sublimation.  

6 common myths about logo design

“Sorry, but you don’t understand me.” If logos could speak, here’s what they can tell

What do you see when a series of big brands restructure their brands in early 2021?

In just the first few weeks of 2021, we have witnessed many large domestic and

How to identify a cannabis brand?

  Brand recognition in the cannabis industry. What should you know?   In recent years, the

The History and Evolution of the Disney Logo

There isn’t a single person who hasn’t seen a Disney movie (and if you haven’t,

45 Years of History and Evolution of the Microsoft Logo

Without Microsoft, the tech industry wouldn’t be where it is today. The company paved the