Currently on the market there are many different types of printing paper, diverse in quantity, surface, color, compatibility, etc. Choosing the right type of printing paper will help businesses get the best products. , lowest price, most effective.

The article will  synthesize the most commonly used types of printing paper today and their applications for readers’ reference:

1. Ford paper – common A4 paper

Ford (or Fort) paper is a common name in Vietnam, actually Woodfree uncoated paper (WFU). Uncoated papers should have a smooth, non-glare surface, suitable for writing and reading; In addition, the paper is made from pulp treated by chemical pulp, so most of the lignin has been removed (Woodfree paper), so it is difficult to yellow over time, suitable for storage.

Ford paper has a rough surface, good ink adhesion (so the ink is not very nice) and is also used for large and small envelopes, Note paper, letter head, invoices, student notebooks…

tong hop cac loai giay in pho bien nhat hien nay8
Ford paper image

This is also a popular and common type of paper, most commonly A4 paper in Photo shops, the weight is usually 70 – 80 – 90g/m2… Ford paper is produced in many different sizes from A0 to A5. Large size A0 paper is often used in construction to print drawings, and A5 paper is often used to print invoices. A3, A4 are often used in office publications.

With different production technologies, ford papers have different quantitative and color characteristics. The most basic is white ford paper, with a whiteness of 60% or more. Yellow ford paper has less than 60% whiteness. This type of paper in Vietnam is produced by famous companies such as: Bai Bang, Tan Mai, etc. There are also ford papers with many colors, which are used for purposes other than ordinary documents. .

Ford Paper is sold in rolls or in bagged sheets. This type of paper is often used in Offset printing technology.

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2. Couche Paper (Art Paper) –  Business card printing paper, book cover printing

Couche paper is a type of paper coated with kaolin (or equivalent material), so the paper surface has the characteristics of smooth, bright, good light blocking, adhesion and uniform ink absorption. So it is suitable for offset printing of colorful images with high sharpness and contrast.

Couche paper currently has 2 types of widely used including:

  • Couche Gloss paper, also known as glossy couche paper, has a glossy surface that catches light well. This type of paper is used a lot in offset printers to use UV pigment ink for printing. Paper that cannot be written on due to its glossy surface.
  • Matte Couche Paper with Matte Surface: This is a smooth and matte surface paper. Paper used to print books, magazines, etc. The products printed on this paper reduce eye strain without glare. Paper is quite expensive, so the paper size and quantity are limited. Paper that can be written on, printed on any ink.

This paper has a weight of about 60gsm, 100gsm, 120gsm, … to 350g/m2.

Couche paper is the most popular and common type of printing paper. This type of paper is often used to print business cards, print business cards, print posters, print menus, print covers of books, …

For A4 size couche paper, it is possible to print 1 sided or 2 sided, as well as print with other paper weights and customers’ purposes.

  • One-sided coated couche paper: print product labels, box labels, paper bags,…
  • Double-sided coated paper: magazine printing, book cover printing, magazine cover printing, menu printing, catalog printing, poster printing, advertising poster printing,…
tong hop cac loai giay in pho bien nhat hien nay1
Couche paper for catalog printing

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3. Bristol paper – Calendar paper, paper box

Bristol paper is a type of paperboard but not coated, however, both sides are coated with white and smooth to achieve the highest efficiency. Because the surface of the paper is smooth, the surface of the paper has a fairly good finish, smooth, smooth, and the ink adhesion is moderate, so this paper is suitable for Offset printing. Usually Bristol paper will have several layers of paper pressed together for quite heavy and slightly stiff paper.

Similar to other types of printing paper such as: Couche paper, Ivory paper, Ford, … Bristol paper is also used relatively commonly in the printing industry. Today, Bristol Paper is being widely applied in the printing industry: Card Visit printing, calendar printing, Packaging printing or technical drawings printing, paper box printing… Because of its good ink adhesion properties, high smoothness, … then this type of paper is dominating the market.

tong hop cac loai giay in pho bien nhat hien nay2
Bristol sketchbook

Bristol paper is usually divided into 2 types:

  • Smooth surface suitable for pens and ink
  • The texture is perfect for pencils and chalks.

Weight of Bristol paper: 67 gsm – 400gsm. Bristol 300gsm paper and 280gsm Bristol paper are the two most common types.

Paper is sold in sizes: 79×109, 65×86,   65×84, 60×84 and other sizes depending on customer requirements.

Thin Bristol paper is often used to print catalogs, envelopes, paper boxes, print warranty cards, print Card Visits, posters, print wedding cards, calendars, notebook covers, etc. For the thick type, it is often used to make copies. Technical drawings, illustrations, projects, etc.

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4. Duplex paper – Paper for printing cosmetic boxes, birthday cake boxes

Duplex is a type of paper produced on a high-class surface coating technology line. Paper has a glossy side and a non-glossy side. Because of such characteristics, it is often used for large-sized paper boxes, products that require high rigidity and certainty (due to high paper weight).

Its feature is quite thick and does not eat ink because it is produced by pressing 2 layers of paper. The two sides of the paper may differ in color and texture.

tong hop cac loai giay in pho bien nhat hien nay3
Duplex paper image

High paper weight (over 250gms). There are two basic types: cut and roll.

Duplex paper is divided into 2 types: 1-sided paper (1-sided coated paper) and white 2-sided paper (2-sided coated paper).

Duplex paper is usually divided into 2 main types including:

  • Single-sided Duplex (ie, 1-sided coated paper)
  • Duplex paper 2 sides (ie both sides are coated with the same technology).

The weight of 1-sided Duplex paper is usually at 210 g/m2, while white Duplex paper has a higher weight, about over 250 g/m2.

With the characteristics of being hard, with high smoothness, good ink adhesion, duplex paper is being widely used in life to print Duplex paper boxes, such as printing cosmetic packaging, printing cake boxes, etc. print pharmaceutical boxes, print gift boxes…

In addition to the Duplex paper box product segments listed above, Duplex paper with the characteristics of large volume and high hardness is also used in the field of printing hard carton boxes, printing cartons, envelopes, printing envelopes. Letters, etc. Duplex paper is also used in the printing and photocopying industry such as Couche paper, Crystal paper, Ford paper, Bristol paper, etc.

However, with the characteristics of hardness, high durability, good color retention, Duplex paper has a disadvantage, that is, the ink adhesion is not high, which can cause color smearing when printing. Therefore, when deciding to print on Duplex paper, you need to combine it with post-print lamination technology for the product to have the highest aesthetics.

tong hop cac loai giay in pho bien nhat hien nay4
Metalize Laminated Duplex Paper Box

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5. Crystal Paper – Paper for posters and flyers

Crystal paper has a very glossy, smooth almost glued side on the other side, and is rough on the other side, often used as an intermediate between Bristol paper and Couche paper depending on the purpose of product requirements.

tong hop cac loai giay in pho bien nhat hien nay5
Image of Crystal Paper

Crystal paper has several outstanding features:

  • Good gloss (both before and after printing)
  • High flatness makes colorful images and prints great
  • The ideal solution for fine art applications in graphics

Crystal paper usually has a weight of 230gsm. This type of paper is most commonly used for posters, flyers, brochures, catalogs, calendars, book papers, etc.

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6. AL paper – Type of paper for printing labels, decals

AL paper includes 2 main types: Concealed AL plain and glossy AL paper:

  • Normal AL Paper: its surface layer is made of paper and its constituent material is Fascoat Plus, which has a basic white color, smooth and slightly glossy surface.
  • Glossy AL Paper: Using High Gloss Paper, white color, smooth surface.

AL paper is most commonly used for  Printing paper labels. Paper labels are stamps affixed on products and goods, with information on ingredients, uses, usage, origin, product images…; or a brand logo sticker… Usually prints labels that apply technology print Flexo mainly because of the low cost of printing in large quantities.

Some types of labels using AL paper include:

  • Print labels
  • Printing product stamps
  • Print product price stamp
  • Print warranty stamp
  • Print error stickers
  • Printing QC stamps
  • Print Sticker

7. Tracing paper – Type of paper for publishing publications, postcards, photo books

Tracing paper is a type of paper with high optical permeability, which means it can let light through.

Paper obtained after a particularly careful filtration of the pulp during similiole sulphide. Pulp used to produce tracing paper is usually bi-sulphate-soaked pulp; paper fibers are crushed, hydrolyzed for a long time in water.

tong hop cac loai giay in pho bien nhat hien nay6
Image of tracing paper

This papermaking process is similar to vegetable-based imitation parchment (sulphated paper, parchment) which is made by soaking for a few seconds a sheet of good quality paper, neither glued nor coated, in a sulfuric acid bath for partial hydrolysis of cellulose to amyloid, gelatin and impermeable to water or grease.

Tracing paper is used in CAD drawing, laser and digital printing, publications, envelopes, greeting cards, photo books, labels, premium packaging, special products for industrial applications, Silkscreen printing, transfer printing, stamping…

8. Kraft paper – Paper used to make paper bags, wrapping paper, lining paper

Kraft paper is made from chemical pulp of soft wood, processed through the Kraft process. Therefore, this is also considered as recycled paper.

Kraft paper usually has the traditional color of yellow kraft paper and white kraft. Particularly white kraft paper is bleached by chemical technology. Natural colors: golden brown, gray yellow, dark brown. Alternatively, you can also bleach to create cream, gray-yellow, or ivory-colored paper.

Paper weight 70-80 g/m2. The average paper weight usually falls in the range of 50-175g/m2.

Kraft paper with light brown color is made from cellulose fiber treated with Na2SO4 salt and does not need to go through the bleaching step by sulphate method. Natural kraft paper is usually brown but is often bleached to produce white paper.

Kraft paper is strong, supple and relatively rough. Tensile strength, large tear, good ink capture. This type of paper is often used to produce all kinds of packaging such as bags, envelopes, wrapping paper, lining, ….

tong hop cac loai giay in pho bien nhat hien nay7
Kraft Paper Bag

Printing paper on the market today is increasingly diverse. Businesses need to research carefully to choose the right type of printing paper.

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9. Color printing paper – Photo paper, office printing

Color printing paper is also known as color inkjet paper. They are paper coated on the surface with an inorganic compound, the purpose is to prevent ink from splashing in the paper, the prints have color accuracy and are always durable. This type of paper always gives publications with beautiful, sharp and honest colors. In particular, the types of color printing paper are divided into many different types with their own characteristics and applications.

They are widely used in photo printing, office printing as well as products that require durability and high aesthetics. The most popular types of color printing paper today are:

  • Common color inkjet paper
  • Photo-quality color inkjet paper
  • Color inkjet paper with matte sides
  • Glossy color inkjet paper
  • Color inkjet paper on both sides
  • Color inkjet paper for printing on fabric

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