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Analyzing the marketing strategy of Aba washing powder: STP – SWOT – 4P

Aba is one of the familiar washing powder brands in Vietnam in general and the

Analyzing Nike’s 4P marketing strategy – World famous sports fashion brand

Nike – one of the famous brands in the sports goods industry with steady progress

Analyzing the marketing strategy of Sunhouse – The leading brand in the kitchen appliance industry

Sunhouse – one of the brands in the kitchen appliance industry with thousands of product

Analyzing Mirinda’s Marketing Strategy – Leading the Viral Music Video Marketing trend

Mirinda is one of the leading carbonated beverage brands. Not only impressed with new flavors, Mirinda

Detailed analysis of Yakult’s marketing strategy in Vietnam

Yakult is one of the popular milk brands in Vietnam and around the world. To achieve

Detailed analysis of BIDV Bank’s Marketing strategy

BIDV is one of the famous banks in Vietnam and trusted by customers. To achieve current

Vietnam Airlines’ business strategy in the aviation industry

To become one of the famous airlines, Vietnam Airlines has extremely effective business strategies. Let’s learn

AMAZON’s business strategy: King of the e-commerce industry

To become one of the “giants” in the e-commerce industry, Amazon has built and implemented

FPT’s business strategy: Leading brand in Vietnam

To become one of the famous technology corporations in Vietnam, FPT has built and implemented

Analysis of Heineken’s Marketing strategy: Famous global beer brandcầu

Starting from a family-scale brewery in Amsterdam, Heineken is now one of the world’s famous

Samsung’s business strategy in the electronics market

To become one of the famous corporations worldwide, Samsung has built and implemented international business

Analyzing Gucci’s marketing strategy – Journey to becoming a “Luxury Brand”

Gucci – an Italian high-end fashion brand with more than a decade of establishment and